NCC - 86105

Commander James Stevenson

Name James Stevenson

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 192 cm
Hair Color Brown with grey flecks
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description He is good shape physically partly to the fitness instructors at the academy where he has just finished a command course and partly to his love of Holo sports.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Brian Stevenson
Mother Mary Stevenson
Brother(s) Greg Stevenson older
Lt. Francis Stevenson
Sister(s) Jane Stevenson

Personality & Traits

General Overview James (Aston) is an easy going human; however as commissioned from the ranks feels he does not quite fit in the officers mess but also feels that he has left the lower ranks behind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Reliable, Loyal , Logical thinker, hard worker.
Not very sociable,
Ambitions It was always to command a ship, now to keep his crew alive and together
Hobbies & Interests He can be found in the holo sweet playing most sports but he enjoys football (soccer) and his favourite is golf on his free time.

Personal History James had been able to pilot a shuttle for almost as long as he could remember. In his late teens he had won the Hall cup a race on his home planet of Celes 2. This brought him to the attention of Commander Ehuhl Uln the Star fleet liaison officer. This officer sponsored James’s application to Star Fleet. His farther had been a miner, James’s had not wanted to follow him into this and took his chance when offered.
The thought of 4 years at the Academy would be too much so instead he enrolled at the Star Fleet Pilot training, 3rd Academy Training wing, Flight Ops Starfleet Academy. This was during the dark years for Starfleet. James stills feels the hairs on the back of his neck as he remembers all the cadets been paraded in the main hanger to be informed that Starfleet Command had declared Voyager officially lost with all hands and shortly after this the declaration of the Dominion War, this news was meet with excitement among his class mates, at that age him and his friends felt invisible. However this was soon to change.
The following year he underwent the Fighter training conversation course on Mars attend the rank of “Crewman” and was posted to Earth defence squadron 232. During James combat training, he heard that the Seventh Fleet had failed to stop the Dominion in the Tyra system. Only fourteen ships from a fleet of one hundred twelve had made it back to Federation lines. This changed the atmosphere at the flight school and James excelled. It was during this training not only his skills as an pilot but his leadership skills with his squadron wining the final set of exercises. While most of his colleagues were posted as replacements to 7th Fleet, he was posted to Earth defence squadron 232.
He arrived in time for the Bren assault on Earth. The Breen attack on Earth was a surprise attack against Earth launched by the forces of the Breen Confederacy in late 2375. During the combat most of the attacking Breen warships were destroyed by Starfleet defences. James distinguished himself in the combat and was promoted to Petty Officer. But the raid caused massive damage to its intended target of Starfleet Headquarters, and the greater city of San Francisco. One of the images that is burnt on to James ‘s mind of the battle if chasing the Bren fighters and engaging in combat over the smoking remains of the Golden Gate Bridge. The following 2 years were spent helping with the rebuilding of the major cities of Earth. With the squadron losses promotion had been quick. With completion of the restoration, James felt that his time on Earth was over and he requested a transfer.
With the Bajoran wormhole reopening and exploration of the Gamma Quadrant resuming, James was posted to USS Suffolk. The ship was involved in deep space Exploration. He enjoyed his time on the Suffolk; James was placed in charge of the shuttle bay, the peace after his time on the Earth defence squadron acted as rehabilitation for him. At the end of his time on the USS Suffolk he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer.
In 2379 like a lot of experienced shuttle pilots James was asked for his opinion’s to aid in the design of “The Argo” After his experience on the USS Suffolk, he suggested that the shuttle have fold down wings to atmospheric manoeuvrability and storage. However he never got to see the completed design as he was assigned to the USS Birmingham patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone.
2380 Senior Chief Petty Officer Stevenson was transferred to 78th Fighter Squadron USS Nimitz. The Nimitz was a Nebula Class vessel with a Shuttle bay/Hangar pod: This experimental pod includes a large shuttle hangar with the space to hold over two dozen runabouts and fighters. During his 5 years on the ship he excelled at leading his squadron and gained promotion again. However James felt that his time in Star fleet was coming to an end. While discussing this with his Commander, it was suggested that he apply for commission. Although promotion from the ranks was possible it was unusual.
During the selection process back on earth he was met by several officers that he had fought alongside all those years ago in the defence of Earth and he was offered a commission. As he was close to the highest non-commissioned rank and with nothing to lose he applied and was accepted on the Starfleet Academy Conversation course. On completion of the course he was posted Star base 463 Flight Control. He grew bored and longed after those days on the USS Suffolk so applied for helm school at Mars.
Service Record 2373 Star Fleet Pilot training, 3rd Academy Training wing. Flight Ops Starfleet Academy
2374 Fighter training conversation Mars “Crewman” posted to Earth defence squadron 232
2375 Fought in the Bren assault on Earth. Petty Officer.
2377 USS Suffolk Deep space Exploration. Chief Petty Officer
2379 USS Birmingham patrolling the Neutral zone. Senior Chief Petty Officer
2380 78th Fighter Squadron USS Nimitz. Master Petty Officer
2385 Starfleet Academy Conversation course. Ensign
2289 Star base 463 Flight Control.
2392 Conversation course Mars Helm School. Lieutenant.
2392 USS Hera Helmsan
2392 USS Armageddon 2nd Officer