NCC - 86105

Major Tal Karinth

Name Tal Karinth

Position Marine Commanding Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Major


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age ??

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 191
Hair Color Aiburn/grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tal is five foot six, with a stocky build and a rather sour demeanor at first glance. His hair is cropped military short was his custom, the auburn locks flecked now with some grey, his hair had become darker too, now more brown than red.

His blue eyes are engaging, like the razor sharp eyes of a hawk they seem to cut down to the bone. He sports a moustache and goatee beard, also flecked with alot more grey than his hair was. He looked fairly young despite the grey though, maybe in his forties perhaps.


Spouse Annareece Karinth néé Volkova, MD, PhD
Children Kyoto
Jilly Bean (alternate reality)
Father Unkmown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown, it is believed he had a brother but neither is there record, nor will he talk about it.
Sister(s) None
Other Family Tbd

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tal, despite appearances has the ability to form bonds with his men and seniors, despite his sort of scowly face he possesses a keen whit and a kind humor, brought on by years of proper raising by a true 'lady of the court' but much of that later.

Also he can be incredibly cruel to his enemies or used to be. Time and near-death illness have tempered him a bit, making him perhaps a bit the wiser when it came to such things. He hates injustice and is a keen believer that law and order are paramount to any civilization but also, seems to have no problem breaking the rules when he thinks it is to that same end, but again his near-death experience tempered him..
Strengths & Weaknesses Tbd
Ambitions Tbd (have to find the info copy to fill these in)
Hobbies & Interests Tbd

Personal History Tal was born in Scotland, and was (by his telling) 'raised by a Lady of the Court' who grilled and drilled Tal in certain disciplines and mindsets, she also guided him through the times of his own demeanor getting the better of him because when he was younger, he was rather swift tempered. Tal Married young but, his first wife was killed. He married a second time, a half decade later, only for a crash to claim his second wife, both left him a child to care for; his oldest child Kyoto, a Son; and Alexandria, the middle daughter. As time went on, he was married to Annareece Volkova,  who adopted Tals' children and then, had another of her own: a daughter named Jillian., Tal began his career as a Marine soon after Kyoto was born so, by the time Jillian arrived he was already nearly fifteen years into his career.
back then he was just a ground-pounder, but his intelligence and his good reflexes and ruthless fighting skills got him recognized.. many times, he did black ops for Section 31 but, after the accident, he would never trust them again.

As a man of known guts and drive, Tal was selected to test pilot a time jumping craft. In the initial test, he recieved a massive dose of Chronometric radiation that, through very long and painful therapy, he was nearly rid of. Deactivated from duty the former colonel was placed into the therapy early enough so his illness did not become chronic, but in signing his discharge back to duty papers, it was implicitly stated he must undergo physical examination once every three days and possible, a stage 1 booster treatment.
Service Record 2356: entered Starfleet Academy received fair to good marks. no disciplinary reports. (33621.12)
2360: graduated SFA middle of his class, was promoted to Lt. (2nd grade). was also a certified shuttle pilot by his graduating year. (37444.5)
2361-2366: stationed at Starbase 201 with the 8th fleet. during this time Tal mostly kept to himself and plugged away as a crewman handling incoming transports and small shuttlecraft and ferrying them for storage. (38252.96-43624.31)
2366-67: Battle of Wolf 359. 2nd Lt. Karinth personally led the charge against the Borg boarding parties, and prevented, in coordination with other Starfleet officers and enlisted crew, the capture of their ship, the USS Arbiter. Promoted to Marine Captain.

2367: LOA, recuperating from injuries sustained during Wolf 359. (this officially extends into 2371, but during this period after his recuperation Ma. Cpt. Karinth ran several Black Ops operations for Section 31, all of which are officially redacted. these documents are the most redacted thus far in Starfleet history.
2372: Ma. Capt. Karinth was reassigned to Starfleet Flight Instruction School, as he expressed a desire to get back onto the front line and fly a fighter. He trained with the 777th fighter wing, graduating top of his class. Ma. Capt. Karinth ended his time working as a test pilot in the Antares and Utopia Planitia shipyards doing top secret testing of ships, shuttles, and fighters.
Nov. 23, 2373 (stardate 50894.06)-the battle of sector 001. Ma. Capt. Karinth led his squadron into battle against the Borg; by the end of the battle only two members of the squad survived, Karinth and his wingman, 1st Lt. William “Wild Bill” Phelps. despite their injuries and extensive damage to both fighters, they between them managed to signal a starship and be rescued. He was later promoted to Major. the 1st Lt. was promoted to Marine Captain.
2373-2374 (50954.33-51896.8)- Major Karinth was transferred to the 7th Tactical Wing, and led two squadrons (76th and 77th Squadrons) into battle routing several Dominion battleships in the process, sending them right into a pre set trap. his tenacity and tactical know-how on even the most base level supported efforts to rout the Dominion and end the war.
2374: First Battle of Chin'Toka: Major Karinth was present for the Battle in space and subsequent ground occupation. He remained posted until the Second Battle of Chin'Toka, where he would be captured.
2375 (stardate 52829.68): Lt. Col. Karinth was captured by the Breen during the Second Battle of Chin'Toka. He spent a year as a POW undergoing who knows what sort of tortures and tests is unknown. He was extracted by a Section 31 Black ops Team(53694.38), and spend a year recovering from the physical and psychological trauma (released 53806.75). He was also promoted to full Colonel during this time.

2377 (54411.7): USS Allegheny, 1st fleet crashed during the Borg invasion. Col. Karinth, as XO, led his crew in the survival efforts. Due to extreme conditions, those who survived the crash during the six months they were marooned in the corner of the Alpha Quadrant succumbed to the elements, flora or fauna and only Tal survived. Upon his return in 2378 (55441.83), Col. Karinth retired from Starfleet, was promoted to Brigadier General and was assigned Earth-Side operations for all SMFC who were earth-side for leave. Col. Karinth was also awarded the Starfleet Medal of Honor citation for his bravery and perseverance and ability to survive such adverse conditions. (Official record)
2381(58935.15)- final battle against the Borg: Brig Gen. Karinth was offered another promotion, which would have removed him from the line ships and ended with him working more in politics. he turned this promotion down. Karinth was re-drafted into Starfleet actively, and was given command of three ships in the final battle against the Borg. During that battle, several Species 8472 ships came out of Fluid space and captured the crew of Brig. Gen. Karinths’ flagship, which disappeared sans crew into parts unknown of the Delta quadrant driven by the ships' AI(Arizona Class, USS Charlotte). all of them were locked away in bio-stasis for four years and were presumed dead.
2385(62243.49): by some misfortune or accidental breakage of a worn part, Brig. Gen Karinth managed to be freed, and in turn freed most of those captured by Species 8472, thousands beyond their one single ship. they escaped fluidic space using a pirated ship and returned to the nearest starbase. he was the only survivor of that group.this is the year he was diagnosed with Chronogenic Reversion Syndrome (Hunters' Syndrome), stage 1 after a failed time drive test and near-catastrophic failure.

Additional Note: it noted in his record that for the unauthorized test of an unsanctioned technology, he was demoted to Major. (After a second review board after the first had only clipped him to Colonel.) Due to his extensive combat record and decorations, Tal was not imprisoned or further sanctioned as also, the test itself nearly proved fatal. The technology type does not appear on any official reports nor any unofficial ones, and all the transcripts from the trial and subsequent appeal are nowhere to be found.