NCC - 86105

Lieutenant S'uress

Name S'uress

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 7'6"
Weight 280
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gold
Physical Description S'uress is a large Caitian, with fur the color of black ink. He walks forward on his toes, stalking more than anything. He is long and lanky rather than muscle-bound but certainly has a proportional strength to match his size. He has large eyes, that tend to scan wherever he is, rather than locking onto one person or thing. He tends to listen more than talk. His tail can become unruly when he is agitated and when angered, something that almost never happens, he tends to bare his teeth unconsciously.


Father T'brith
Mother R'akas
Sister(s) S'ynnko

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'uress is shy around new people, especially when he is the only Caitian around, which is often. He is calm and composed almost all of the time. This is from both upbringing and training. He views anger as the enemy to safe conduct and accomplishing missions.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Intelligence
+Heightened Senses
+Friendly (eventually)
-High strung
Ambitions Ideally S'uress would like to make a difference in Starfleet. He has no ambition of command. He wants to impress his mentor, Commander Powers.
Hobbies & Interests S'uress loves hunting in the holodeck, but never for bloodsport. He loves the hunt itself. He appreciates exploring new places and trying new vegetarian foods.

Personal History S’uress was born on Cait to R’akas and T’brith. His mother, R’akas, was an inventor who specialized in adaptive clothing. His father T’brith, was a well-liked merchant who had an eye on what people needed. S’uress’s childhood was warm and peaceful. He spent much time wandering the pristine beauty of Cait with his sister S’ynnko. The two offspring were well known for their curious natures and while they preferred the mysteries of the jungle, the small town they lived in provided ample opportunity to skulk and learn secrets. The two young Caitians developed a reputation for getting into places that they should not have been able to and for knowing things they should not have known. When S’uress was 14, he and his sister went on one of their adventures together that changed everything.

That night the two chose a new and more challenging target than any before. A new merchant from Ferenginar had come and established a warehouse. He said that he was planning to buy large amounts of Catian goods and ship them home to sell at a large profit. S’uress had met the jowly Ferengi, Gorb, and did not trust him. He had voiced his concerns to his father but his father’s easy going nature led him to believe the Ferengi was probably not doing anything very illegal. S’uress convinced S’ynnko to search the warehouse and discover the truth.

Their lithe Caitian bodies let them easily evade the security zone around the warehouse and gain entrance. Inside they discovered a vast amount of Caitian trade goods, mostly works of art, but just as S’uress was about to admit he was wrong, he heard S’ynnko cry out. He rushed to the area of the warehouse she had been exploring, only to find her crumpled form near a shattered crate, from which dozens of small broken Caitian statues had burst. At first he thought she had fallen but then he smelled something acrid. A closer examination revealed a silvery substance oozing from all of the statues. S’uress felt his lungs burning as he breathed. He snatched up his unconscious sister, while holding his breath, and fled the warehouse. His escape tripped alarms and soon the Ferengi guards were chasing him into the jungle. He knew his sister was seriously injured and took her directly to the small Federation medical clinic. The doctors quickly diagnosed both of them with silver maethe poisoning. The substance was illegal on Cait due to its use in creating Silver Sun, a highly addictive and illegal drug.

S’uress recovered from the poison well but S’ynnko’s lungs were badly damaged. She lost weight and had to undergo extensive therapy. Making matters worse, the Ferengi warehouse was closed and Gorb was taken away to prison. The backlash against S’uress and his family was severe. Many of the locals were angry at the loss of income they had enjoyed with Gorb and made S’uress and his family feel unwelcome.

With their peace destroyed, S’uress’s father made the decision to move the family far away. He heard from his brother T’mrinn that there was opportunity on DS9.

S’uress spent 3 years on DS9 and while he missed the jungles and warmth of Cait, his natural curiosity turned DS9 into a playground. He spent hours stalking people on the Promenade and slinking into Quark’s when he wasn’t supposed to. He also attended the school on the station, performing near the top of his cohort, when he could bother to pay attention. The only real sadness on the station was S’ynnko’s continued fragility. While she was much improved, the damage to her lungs was permanent and she required frequent rest. S’uress explored alone, until he made friends with a young human boy named Isaac Baglan. The two teenagers soon became a common sight on the station. S’uress was well on his way to his full height of 7’6” and while Isaac stood “only” 6’1”, he was much broader. Together they were a frightening sight to strangers but the locals came to enjoy their friendly banter.

Isaac’s father was an engineer in Starfleet and it was clear from early on in their friendship that he intended to follow in his father’s footsteps. S’uress had no desire to become a merchant. He loved talking to new people but the pursuit of money seemed like a waste to him. His father’s new venture with his uncle was doing well and they recently had expanded to a former Cardassian space station not far away. Out of curiosity, S’uress decided to take the Starfleet Academy entrance exam when Isaac did and was shocked to discover that he had passed. It was awkward, however, when he found out that Isaac had not. His friend was very gracious and encouraged S’uress to go but he refused. Instead, he spent the next year improving his knowledge of mathematics and science and when Isaac passed on the second attempt, they both set out for the academy together in 2385.

S’uress received a visit from a Lieutenant Commander a week after he arrived at the academy. The Commander told him that his scores and physical capabilities would make him an ideal intelligence operative and encouraged him to pursue that major. He had been struggling with what major to pick and unlike Isaac, he had no interest in engineering. He decided to take the mysterious Commander’s recommendation and selected a major in Intelligence and a minor in Operations. His intelligence specialty covered Cardassian and Bajoran governments, selected because of his exposure to both during his time on DS9.
S’uress excelled in survival, diplomacy and analysis. His natural peaceful nature caused him struggles in tactics but he passed. During his time at the academy, S’uress spent much of his free time with Isaac and, soon enough, their girlfriends. The four years passed too quickly and both graduated with honors. Isaac was posted to the USS Venture, a Galaxy class ship. Isaac complained in public that he hated the idea of serving without S’uress along to watch out for him but S’uress knew he was happy at his posting. S’uress was truly saddened to see someone he considered to be a brother leave but at the same time he knew it was inevitable. He was still waiting for his own orders to appear when Isaac departed.

The orders eventually arrived and he was dismayed to find that he was not being posted to a ship but rather to as support staff to a new Federation Embassy on Cardassia. Feeling like a failure, he soon found himself on Cardassia, amazed at both the remnants of the Dominion war that still remained and the industrious nature of the rebuilding. When he arrived at the embassy he was surprised to find the Commander who had encouraged him to select intel as a major. The Commander looked at him, nodded and said “It’s about time you got here. Let’s get to work.”

Far from being a staff flunky, S’uress found that he was actively involved in intelligence gathering and analysis. He loved decoding messages, making connections between disparate data and sneaking around when needed. He spent four years working on developing Cardassian threat assessments and helping Commander Powers build a web of informants.

It was a shock when, after a long undercover mission, Commander Powers stopped by his quarters and said simply “Pack your gear. It’s time for a change of scenery. You need some ship time, Lieutenant. Oh yeah. You also got a promotion.”

A week later, S’uress found himself back on DS9, visiting his parents and S’ynnko and trying to find out what his new ship would be doing.

Service Record 2386-2389 Star Fleet Academy. Ensign

2389-2393 Attache to Federation Embassy, Cardassia

2390- Promoted to Lieutenant Jg.

2393- Promoted to Lieutenant.

2394- Assigned to USS Livingston