NCC - 86105

Lieutenant Eric O'Shea

Name Eric James O'Shea

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


  • 30 Mission Posts
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Fri Feb 9th, 2018 @ 12:13pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 193 cm.
Weight 90 kg.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Eric is tall with a lean build. He has brown, shoulder length hair usually worn tied back in a queue. His eyes are brown, set under heavy brows.The years have caused him to develop a slight squint, creasing his forehead and face. Over the years, he’s developed a pride in his facial hair, which he keeps trimmed to regulation length (usually).


Spouse Kiska Veru
Children None
Father James Ryan O'Shea
Mother Daphne Susanne Xie
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview His years in Starfleet have taught Eric to listen and be slow to speak, making sure the officers have all had their say before wading in, if needed. When he’s confronted with a challenge, he’d prefer to think through everything, rather than jumping in too fast and doing a job two or three times. Eric’s slow to trust and tends to keep people at arms length until he’s gotten their measure. Crewers will find him demanding, though helpful; Officers, differential but always with slight skepticism until he’s discovered if they’re going to make more work for him than is necessary.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Hard working
Attention to detail

Ambitions Rebuild his life.
Hobbies & Interests Buzz ball (cross of Jai-alai and handball played in zero g)
Playing the drums
Working with his hands

Personal History Crewman / PO 1st class

Eric grew up on the moon Bansai (class M) orbiting a gas giant in the Tirlaegh Sector. His family colonized there two hundred years ago when the first miners laid claim to the mineral laden asteroids slung between Bansai and the ice planet affectionately called Frostbite.

The colony itself was made up mostly of Irish and Chinese bloodlines from Earth and Eric is a product of his home world (moon?). His parents, both miners in various stages of fortune and used to being alone, separated when he was just nine: the separation included leaving Eric to be raised by his grandfather, Cameron, who made his living fixing anything that needed someone would pay to fix.

Seeking Cameron’s approval drove Eric to work hard and he grew into a natural affinity for machinery. The two drew close over the next few years and Eric gravitated from desperately seeking parental approval to genuinely loving what he did. When he turned 14 and was discussing his future with Cameron, the old man encouraged Eric to get out and see what the Galaxy looked like.

The best way to do that, in their agreed opinion, was Starfleet. Eric did his due diligence and opted for enlisting rather than applying to Starfleet Academy. He enlisted via subspace and received a chit for transport to the Sol system.

Training on Mars took two years and Eric did well enough to graduate as Crewman 2nd class and 8th in his class. He was posted directly from there to Star Fleet’s Utopia Planitia shipyards where he worked on impulse systems on all sorts of craft, eventually being assigned to the maintenance depot for the vast number of support craft (work bee’s and shuttlecraft) used by the facility. After three years, he was promoted to Crewman 1st and offered a selection of assignments if he’d re-enlist.

Eric chose to re-up and was posted to the USS Intractable, a scout - survey ship plying the edges of the Federation nearest to Romulan space. He spent the rest of this tour working for Chief Engineer Nore. Though much larger than the craft he had been working on, the concepts were the same and he learned fast. Eric also cross trained in warp systems, enabling for him to test for and pass a rating for Propulsion systems tech two years later and earn a promotion to Petty Officer 3rd class.

When the Intractable went into the yards for refit, he was officially assigned to the USS Foremost, a deep space yard ship and the largest ship in fleet. In reality, he had sealed orders to board the Cambion, a Starfleet ship not on the register. Cambion was an old Antares freighter modified into a Q ship for hunting pirates. Officially, he was one of five hundred technicians working in deep space, repairing ships too damaged or too needed where they were to be sent into a shipyard. Aboard the Q ship, Eric learned a lot and had many close calls going by the name Donovan Trask.

Of course, he can’t talk about any of them…

Cambion was successful enough that she was de-commissioned two years later after taking heavy damage slugging out a battle with pirates.

During this tour, Eric cross trained into weapon systems and fell in love with Kiska Veru, an unjoined Trill. The two married with the permission of Captain S’dar Mirn (an Andorran with extensive service in Starfleet Intel). Kiska, like Eric had desired to see the stars and was too impatient to waste time with the Academy. She was a medical tech (corpesman) three years younger and the same rank as he. They spent two years in wedded bliss amid the chaos of Cambion before she was de-commissioned and the crew sent back to their assignments.

For Eric, it was the USS Foremost. For Kiska, the USS Corzo, a hospital ship.
Nineteen months later he had managed a transfer to the Corzo as Shuttle bay Chief and one of the ship’s shuttle pilots. They had settled into a fairly stable life and were discussing starting a family and seeking a post nearer to Kiska’s parents on Trill, when Kiska received news that turned everything on it’s side.

An offer to become joined. Like many Trill it had been Kiska’s dream to become joined and she had spent years preparing for an opportunity and when it appeared, the couple spent an agonizing week before Kiska made her decision and left. He had told her to go…it wouldn’t be fair for him to deny her her dream even though she argued that they’d planned a life together and that would likely all change if she went forward with the joining.

If you love them, let them go…

Separating from Kiska hit Eric hard and he poured himself into his work. Unfortunately there wasn’t all that much work to do and he found himself more and more escaping into holo-dec fantasies. He socialized less and less with the crew of the Corzo as they had all known Kiska and were constantly asking him about her.

When word came that his grandfather was ill, Eric took leave and traveled back to Bonsai, where he sat with the old man, drank with him and let himself sink back into his life of nearly fifteen years previous. When his grandfather died, he let himself grieve and settled affairs before reporting back to Starfleet for the first time in three months to find his transfer had come in.

Ready or not, he set returned to space to see where life would take him this time.
Service Record 2377 Enlistment
2379 Utopia Planitia, Impulse systems tech.
2382 USS Intractable, Propulsion systems tech.
2387 USS Foremost, Propulsion systems senior tech.
2393 USS Corzo, Shuttle Bay Chief