NCC - 86105

Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Name Jonathan Samuel Westbrook

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 12:33pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6 feet
Weight 170
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Is 6 feet tall. Caucasian. He weighs 170 pounds. Fit, as he likes to stay in shape playing baseball. He keeps his hair closely cropped.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Steven
Mother Amanda
Brother(s) Parker Westbrook (Age 35)
Younger brother: Michael Westbrook (Age 10, deceased)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Sarah Westbrook (sister in law)
Alexander Westbrook (nephew)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Most people would say that Jonathan is shy or even snobby when they first meet him. However, after getting to know him, they would find that he loves to talk and has a good sense of humor. He is an atheist, and is passionate about science. He grew up playing baseball, and loves to stay in shape. Sarcastic at times, which annoys some people. At times he feels that he lives in the shadow of his older brother Parker and his accomplishments. So he is driven, and wants to do his best at whatever job he is doing. Loves animals, has a dog.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Hard working
Team Player

Can be seen as rigid or too demanding of others
Impatient at times
Self critic
Ambitions -To be recognized for his achievements by his peers in the scientific community.

-To one day be in charge of his own ship.

-To start a family one day.
Hobbies & Interests Space Sciences
20th century Earth rock music
Sports (especially baseball)

Personal History Born on Earth, in the North American town of Elliot Lake. The second child born to Steven and Amanda Westbrook. Developed a passion for science at a young age, like his brother, and his interest in this field was encouraged by his parents, both of whom are scientists themselves. His younger brother Michael died at the age of ten in a childhood fall, and even though he was not to blame, he feels that his parents think that he is responsible because he should have prevented it somehow.
After graduating high school, was accepted into Starfleet Academy. His family wanted him to attend a prestigious university on Earth so that he would be closer to them, but he rejected this idea. Upon graduating from the Academy, he set lofty goals for himself, and wants to become a captain in Starfleet by the age of 35.
Served with distinction on both the USS Cortez and the USS Tripoli as a Science Officer. He was wounded in battle while fighting a Cardassian named Olen on the Cardassian world Atbar Prime, but recovered to serve as Assistant Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Billings.
Service Record Species: Human

Name: Jonathan Westbrook

Last Assignment: USS Billings

Born: North American town of Elliot Lake; Earth

List of ships served on: USS Triton- Ensign; under command of Willard C. George
USS Cortez- Science Officer; under the command of Thomas Payne
USS Tripoli- Science Officer; under the command of Barbara Perth
USS Billings- Assistant Chief Science Officer; under the command of John Hawke

Awards and Honors:

Awarded Elliot Lake Secondary Schools Envirothon award for practices of resource management, critical thinking skills and environmental awareness.

Awarded a place in the the prestigious Mount Sinai Scholars Program after 3rd year of high school.

Captain of high school baseball team. Recognized for his leadership skills, led team to a championship his senior year.

Captain of Starfleet Academy baseball team. Awarded player of the year twice.

Was valedictorian of his graduating class at Starfeet Academy.