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Voyage to Mutiny

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The Livingstone is to return to Lippershey 2. Carry out an anthropological survey and discover the state of the planet's technology. This means that the ship and crew will be traversing the same area of space on which the mutiny occurred.

The last mission before her refit was for the USS Livingstone to survey Lippershey 2.

The Livingstone’s crews task was straightforward they were to observe a pre warp civilization roughly equivalent to early in the 16 century Earth. Starfleet believed that this planet was in the process of discovering the telescope, and therefore would have the ability to look into space for the first time. The mission was to assess the state of technology so that the Federation would be able to position marker buoys around the system to warn ships not to intervene in the planet's development.

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The Livingstone is at The Beta Antares Federation shipyards located in the Antares sector. She is undergoing her 7 year refit and awaiting new crew members before heading back to a front line role with in the fleet.
However Starfleet are keeping very quiet about her previous mission and although there is a media blackout, rumours are beginning to circulate. Although Starfleet are keeping tight lips the mida are reporting of a suspected mutiny during the last mission.

Livingstone Navigates the Great River


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Following the Livingstone’s shakedown cruise is from the space dock to Deep Space 3. The first mission is a routine patrol along the federation border, close to Ferengi space.
At Deep Space 3, the Livingstone receives its orders. Its first mission is a routine patrol along the federation border traversing space from Deep Space 3 along the Federation border to Antos 4 spaceport.

At Antos 4 the ship is to replenish any supplies and replace the pod with a modified Habitation/Colony pod. This pod normally contains a large number of residential quarters, however this space has been modified with innovative agricultural machinery which include the latest designs of hydroponic technology. This will greatly increase the yields on Coltar 4. This module also contains a dozen dedicated transporters, which will allow the crew to deliver the equipment on arrival.

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