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Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Post Count: 90

Following the Livingstone’s shakedown cruise is from the space dock to Deep Space 3. The first mission is a routine patrol along the federation border, close to Ferengi space.
At Deep Space 3, the Livingstone receives its orders. Its first mission is a routine patrol along the federation border traversing space from Deep Space 3 along the Federation border to Antos 4 spaceport.

At Antos 4 the ship is to replenish any supplies and replace the pod with a modified Habitation/Colony pod. This pod normally contains a large number of residential quarters, however this space has been modified with innovative agricultural machinery which include the latest designs of hydroponic technology. This will greatly increase the yields on Coltar 4. This module also contains a dozen dedicated transporters, which will allow the crew to deliver the equipment on arrival.