NCC - 86105

The call

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(Note: These events take place after Tals' work assignment in Engineering.)

Tal sat down at the console, pressing the button he paused a moment and gathered his thoughts.

"Anna, I made it to the Livingstone okay. The Commander seems to be a decent man and well, this ship needs alot of love. " Tal frowned, he looks over his own notes from the previous refit and this one, making comparisons. "Nebulas are notoriously tough though, shes a good ship. Speaking of, Lelo is fine. She is here, hidden in plain sight amongst the other runabouts. Nobody is the wiser."

Now it was Annareeces' turn to frown. "Are you going to tell Commander.. ?" The Major chuckled. "Stevenson, as in Robert Louis. Yarr." He laughs, he was a fan of many classics but the chance of coincidence to serve with a senior officer with the same surname.. "Are you going to tell him about the Barracuda, and Lelo?" Anna snapped Tal from his reverie, whatever she had said before he missed but knowing her husband she had reiterated the most important parts once he realized she had been talking to him. "Yes, of course. Not right away, though; the man is terribly busy, and he seemed a little stressed but God knows what working a refit does to a man." Tal said ironically because behind his wife, another refit went in at Utopia Planitia. Anna shook her head, laughing.. "You did three, you seemed fine."

There you go again, love.. overselling me. "I didn't head any of them but the last. And yes, it did I just hid it well so you would not worry yourself to death as you have, or do I need to bring up the last seven years?" Tal smiled but Anna frowned so.. he frowned.

"Talicarus S'rath Karinth, you meathead. You had a class seven chronic illness, Starfleet regulations alone should tell you how much sometimes, you still need the help of the people around you. I worry because you still think you are some twentysomething kid, fighting bareknuckle across the universe with nobody to stand in your way and no need of any help." Annas seriousness made Tal uneasy, "its the truth." Came out of his mouth before he could stop it, then he added quickly because he flashed on a chance to save himself, "only because since I was that twentysomething kid I had the love of the greatest woman in the world to give me that strength and when I came close to death.. in my own hurry to stay on top, I should add; she was the one who caught me when I fell and carried me back to stand on my own feet again."

Anna was nearly in tears by now.. then she too had a flash of insight. "Hey you trickster.." but her husband cut her off.."I have to go, dear they need me for a crucial fitting, kisses, bye." Tal hit the button before he had second thoughts.. way to go, old bean. Once again she won that arguement by default. Rubbing his temples sometimes he had to kick his own ass for the things he said and did, sometimes that impulse though had saved alot more than just a ship or a crew; he saw it as a curse and a gift but it was moments like that one that truly gave him pause as to which it is.