NCC - 86105
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Personal Log

Posted on Sun Sep 3rd, 2017 @ 11:18pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Personal Log Stardate 95273.45:

It has been an interesting last few days here on the Livingstone. We are currently attached to the Ferengi space station by tractor beam. Commander Stevenson and Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost had a hearing in the Grand liquidator hearing room aboard the station, and Commander Stevenson is due to return there in 48 hours unless we solve the mystery of the abandoned Ferengi ship.

I'm supposed to meet Blackwell down at the Blantyre bar in a few hours to go over the readings they had collected from the Himiko Cloud. Getting permission to use the sensor array to obtain the data had been easier than he thought, and the guys down in stellar cartography had enough information to keep them busy for years. Pretty easy to keep scientists happy!

Finally finished getting all of Winstons food programmed into the replicator, but Blackwell promised me he would give me a couple of dog food recipies to try out. He had a German Shepard growing up, and he swears by these concoctions. I'll try them out on Winston, but I'm fortunate the Winston isn't really picky, and he'll try anything at least once.

Received a communique from Thomas. Apparently he's on Mars, doing research on molecular regeneration. We served together on the Billings, and he wanted me to know that next time I head back to Earth, I'm invited to stay with him and his wife for a few days. It's been awhile since I've been there, so I just might take him up on that offer. I always knew he was going to make it big. He's smart and he's always had a good work effort, and it's no surprise that he's working at the Daystrom Institute.

That's it for now. Westbrook out.


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