NCC - 86105
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Personal Log

Posted on Sun Sep 10th, 2017 @ 8:52pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Personal Log, stardate 95295.05:

We've made some progress with regards to the current situation we find ourselves in with the Ferengi. Using our sensors, we were able to determine that an escape pod left the Teelamy Cerms, and was collected by a ship of unknown origins. They tried to use the nearby nebular gas cloud to confuse our sensors. It didn't work out well for them though, and now the Captain has something to take with him when he has to go back out in front of the Ferengi board.

I took Winston on a nice run through the holodeck when I got home, and we both enjoyed the exercise. We used a program that my friend Matthew used to enjoy using when we both were at the Academy together. It was a simulation of the planet Izar. The hills are beautiful and as green as can be. Winston even took the time to chase some animals through the foliage. It was nice to see him running and playing like a puppy. I worry about him sometimes because of his advancing age, but this served as a reminder for me that he still has a lot of time left.

I'm going to finish this duty roster for next week and then tidy up my place before heading to bed. The science department has been kept busy since I've come on, and I'm really happy that we were able to help the Commander deal with the Ferengi.

Westbrook out.


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