NCC - 86105
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Getting situated

Posted on Sat Jun 3rd, 2017 @ 8:37pm by Lieutenant Eric O'Shea

“Personal log, 71970. something or other. There’s a time stamp on these things anyway, but tradition is a thing. Anyway, I have just finished eight hours of saturation and familiarization training in a Simulator for the Broadsword class fighter. Oh yeah, I’m apparently the new CO of the Zombeizi squadron. There hasn’t been time to do much more than skim over things and no time to get to know the pilots.'

“That’s next on the list after this shakedown, I’ll need to work on that. There’s going to be a lot of that for the foreseeable future, I think. Gah, what’s the old man thinking putting me in charge of a…yeah I know, NOS.”

“And that leads to how am I going to command a squadron as a Petty Officer? I’ve thought about testing for Master Chief, but would I have to take a commission? That goes against the mindset I’ve had throughout my career. Of course that was a huge draw when Kizme and I married. Being a non-com meant I was home most days and stability. Maybe all that needs to change with her leaving me ?”

“I wonder how she’s doing. I haven’t heard a thing…”

~Time lapse 60 seconds~

“Anyway, I can’t even get an overall feeling of how things are going to be on this ship. It’s polished and everything is new to each other and the ship. This shakedown might do that, but it will depend on how good the sim has been set up. Time will tell, plus the asteroid belt will offer some hazard. I hope I don’t get any urges to go prospecting like when I was a kid.”

“That brings back a few memories. That old work bee Pop rebuilt fit me like a coffin and it was underpowered, but it let me collect around a ton of ore a day. Mom and dad were tickled at the increased production of course, but for the first month I was scared to pieces. The life support couldn’t keep up with the environmental strain and I looked like I’d been swimming every day.”

“There I go wandering agin, time to get busy. End log.”


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