NCC - 86105
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In for a penny

Posted on Sat Jun 17th, 2017 @ 2:48am by Lieutenant Eric O'Shea

“Personal log, Stargate 72010.1. Well that’s done for it. The old man Breveted me to Lieutenant, JG, to give me the rank to fit the assignment. That’s going to take some getting used. Likely more than a lot. And now there’s the supper tonight. It’s just going to be strange. What would Kizme think? There’s a question, would she even give it any thought now that she’s joined?”

“Anyway, that’ll take care of itself I imagine. If I do a bad enough job, maybe the Brevet will go away and I can get back to what I know?”


“A couple of other notes and then I have to get ready. I’m shaving off my queue and trimmed out the beard to something a bit less woolly. I talked about a change and here we go.”


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