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Cultural Briefing

Posted on Sat Nov 25th, 2017 @ 12:33pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea & Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook & Lieutenant JG Kollin Igh



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Captains ready room
Timeline: Day 19 1230

James looked at the ships executive officers seated round the table.

The only stranger in the room was an elegant woman seating to his left.

"This is Kanery, she is the only person from Lippershey who knows of Star-fleet and of life off her planet."

He hoped that his officers would have the sense not mention that she was Captain Woodard's lover.

“Okay, you’ve read the reports and briefing are there any questions? Myself and Kaneery will answer them." He turned to the woman who gave him a shy smile in return.

Eric glanced between the Captain and Kanery, "Well if the mission is the same, do you want to launch probes at range to take up station keeping and perform reconnaissance first? Just to make sure we don't run into any surprises. We can camouflage them and set them to break after a few passes to make sure the chance of them being picked up by chance pretty low."

"That's a good idea sir." Jonathan piped in "It wouldn't take long to do, and it'll probably be worth it in the end."

James held up his hand to stop this area of discussion. "We'll discuss approaches to the planet once we are are on route. This conversation is to get an idea of what we'll be facing in the way of life stile when we're there."

Akelia looked at the woman and back to the captain, "How much surgical modification will be needed for the away teams?" she inquired.

" The doctor is putting together a plan of what facial changes we will need and what could be done with prosthetic make up."

Nodding her head she continued, "And who will the primary mission team consist of?"

"Until I have that report from the Doctor I am unsure. lets use this opportunity to enquire about the planet and it's lifestyle."

Eric sat back, shifting his thoughts, "Aye, well then...perhaps I should concern myself with camouflaging phasers, tricorders and the like so they will not be casually identified? Perhaps dna locking them to their owner so no one else may use them? What types of items are commonly carried about by travelers?"

Kanery nodded "Most towns have markets, and pedlars bring goods to buy and sell. They use ladder wagon, a large wagon where the sides often consist of ladders strapped in place to hold in hay or grain, though these could be removed to place on bigger loads. This pedlars travel from town to town." She paused for a moment.

"For day to day use most people carry a Koffer, a small bag, its just lengths of animal skin, cotton, or woven plant fibres, folded up at the edges and secured in that shape with strings of the same material. The richer you are the better the material."

"And what is the current political situation?" Akelia asked.

James looked at the padd in front of him with the scanned map from the Livingstone’s last mission. A Large landmass, Ropeeu, covered about 10,180,000 square kilometres of the planet's service. It stretched from the north pole to the equator of the planet, its geography was made up of mountain ranges, rivers, inland seas and was surrounded by an ocean with Islands dotted around its coast.

Kanery smiled, “Ropeeu is divided into about fifty sovereign states, most are ruled by a King or Queen, some are divided into smaller duchy’s and have lesser monarchs. However governing it all are the Deities and they are represented on Lippershey by the Minsters” She looked as if a tear was forming and she held back the emotion in her voice.

“I am from one of the Islands to the west side of the continent. Here it is very peaceful, and we escaped the Blight when it devastated the main continent.”

“Blight?” someone asked

“Yes, the main continent of Ropeeu suffered several bouts of this over the last ten years, almost a quarter of the population were killed.” James was about ask about the disease when Kenery said

“There was great discussion about why the Deities had been angered to do this to us. The ministers said we had to worship more and pay more tribune. Others said that the Blight was proof of no Deities and stopped paying and some of the duchy’s killed the priests or banished them.” She relaxed a little.

“One of the kings said that he had seen into the stars. He claimed that our Deities were nothing but places like Lippershey.” There was a pause, Kenery lowered her head and began to weep.

James noticed a pendant around her neck, it was a gold circle with two small half-moons cut out of it. He knew from the files that this was a Lippershey symbol for the Deities of their sun and two moons.

She looked up and continued “The main continent is in upheaval, with the population devastated, some Duchy’s are shrinking whilst others are growing, and the Ministers have asked some Kings to form army’s and may try to take the more rebellious states. I fear that there may be a war, or it may have already happened.”

"Sounds like dangerous times," Eric said, looking up from notes he was making on a PADD. "Tensions high and lots of weaponry about. That should make assessing technology levels easier. Are there any parts of society that travel frequently? Maybe entertainers or the such?"

Kanery turned and smiled at Eric, “There was a traveling fare which visited my town, it travelled around the Islands. Also there is a lot of trade which crosses Ropeeu, furs from the north and fruit from the south. On my Island we brewed a strong drink called Wische, this was shipped and sold on the main continent” She stopped again, thinking of home thought James. “Some people do not have homes they travel around just trading from town to town.”

Kollin had been listening intently to the telling of Kanery’s story and her curiosity had been aroused by Kanery’s obvious sadness at the encroaching Wars. However, at the mention of the Dieties Kollin rose from her seat and called out “kill them all”, which was met with a quizzical look from the Commander and other officers seated around the table; Kollin reluctantly sat back in her chair. The Klingon’s has slew their very mortal gods a millennia ago deeming them more trouble than they were worth.

James glared at the Operations officer.

In an attempt to get back in line with expected Starfleet behaviour Kollin turned to the right of the Commander “Excuse me Kanery, in the event war what weaponry do your people possess?”

Kanery nodded not appearing upset by Kollin’s remark.
“My town as a local regiment of soldiers, half of them were armed with muskets and half with Pikes, however most men also carried a sword” James was getting the impression that technology was equivalent of the 1500’s on Earth.

Eric made a few more notes and nodded, "Right. We'll want to incorporate an anti - projectile weave into the costumes the away team will be wearing. Given the amount of water on the planet, we could make a couple of alterations to shuttle craft to let them submerge."

Looking up from his notes, he paused "Trader's showing up out of the blue might draw too much attention. Perhaps we can muster up enough tales and songs that we can pass as entertainers. Kanery, how common are the tales and songs from place to place?"

"Minstrel travel with the fair's. In some of the lands story tellers travel. They bring news from other places. On my island we had a minstrel who travelled the islands, he was welcomed." Kanery replied.

"If we'll be in such an obvious disguise, what are the faux pas of the culture?"

Kanery began to run her chain and pendent through her fingers.

She could barely disguise the bitterness out of her voice. “Starfleet would be able to tell us. But on my planet the orbit of the moons is not known.”

She took a breath. “On a few days a year we do not see one our moons during the day. When this happens, people believe that deities are not watching us. People will place their pendent in to there mouths as they believe it brings the gods closer to their hearts.”

James nodded, this made sense to him “If were in one of the countries that has moved a way from this tradition, would we stand out by doing this?“

Kanery stared at the table and nodded.


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