NCC - 86105
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Talking Heads

Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 5:45pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Rolvek



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Day 20 0830

James was nearing the end of his morning walk. He had decided to visit the medical centre and speake to Lieutenant Rolvek.

The door slid open and James strode in to sick bay.
"Morning Doctor" He said after spotting the Valcan in his office.

The medical officer gazed up from his desk, “sir” he gave only on word as greeting as he nodded toward his commanding officer.

"Kerany has agreed for us to use her medical and transporter records to get an idea of how we can camouflage ourselves on the planet."

“I shall begin analysing the data, and formulating a suitable facial construction as soon as is practical, sir.” Rolvek was as dead pan as usual. “Do you require medical attention?”

James was always startled by the Vulcan's abruptness. "No, I was going to talk through the alterations if any we will need to disguise our self's."

“The data from the medical and transporter records should be sufficient to formulate a disguise.” The Vulcan remarked Cooley, “I take it there is something further to discuss? Or else there is a problem with the internal communications systems.”

James bit his lip, "When will be it practical?" James looked around the sick bay. "As if we need to order anything, that will have to be sorted before we leave."

Instead of responding Rolvek tapped at his monitor revealing a graphic of the species they were soon to appear as. It was of a male with a long pointed chin, from the top of the chin came long ridges that connected to ears not too dissimilar from Rolvek’s own ears.

Tapping his screen again Rolvek opened a list of supplies.

“I believe Captain, that we have most of the supplies needed. However we may need to acquire some more silicate resin.” The doctor stated “dependant on exactly how many crew you intend to send, and of which species.”

"I'm thinking a small away team, ten at most. Probably the officers and Texan, according to her records she has a talent for this sort of thing."

“Providing a disguise for a Ferengi, may be beyond my ability” Rolvek stated as if there was. I shame in admitting the defeat before he began.

James nodded he thought that it would have been very difficult but it was a blow, her bartering and scavenging skills would have been useful on the planet.

"I know you'll do your best. We'll need a medic down there so be prepaired to go yourself."

Jame said before leaving the sick bay


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