NCC - 86105
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Mission Stores

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 @ 10:03pm by Lieutenant JG Kollin Igh & Commander James Stevenson



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Main bridge
Timeline: Day 21 15:30

James approached the operations console where the newly promoted Klingon officer sat.

"Morning Lieutenant Igh. I wanted to catch up with you and run through the list of items we will need of our next mission."

“Yes Sir”, Kollin replied, annoyed at the interruption, however, as she turned away from the console to face the Commander he was heading in the direction of the ready room and Kollin followed smartly.

“Sit down …. Please Kollin, you were assigned the task of finding out what equipment the crew will need we’re heading to a pre-warp planet equivalent to Earth’s 16th Century.

Kollin had been disappointed with the next mission, pre-warp did not interest her but she was an obedient solider so mustered just enough enthusiasm to research the things the crew would need for the mission. However, she had begun to feel a kinship with this planet in learning that conflict and war were dealt with using primitive weapons; relying on strength and physical prowess; she was looking forward to partaking in the popular entertainment of attending public executions!

“Well Commander, on the little information we have on Lippershey 2 and cross referencing this with the habits on 16th century Earth, we need to arrive as Minstrels … Entertainers …

James nodded “I had thought about Traders”

“No Commander” Kollin rose from her seat “16th century entertainers travelled throughout the land and were strangers to all … it would be the ideal cover”

James calmly responded “Sit down Lieutenant”

Kollin reluctantly seated herself.

James nodded and smiled “sometimes it is best to hide in plain sight”

“Yes Sir” and to that end Kollin handed the PADD containing the list of her recommended supplies.

James leaned back in his chair and using his finger on the PADD scrolled down the list and every so often stopped to think.

“Iron and wood Lieutenant?” James questioned

“Essential components in the construction of wagons Sir, our 16th century mode of transport and perfect for hiding our 24th century equipment” said Kollin in full flow.

“Ok Lieutenant, find Taxen and give her this list; she will procure what we need”

Kollin stood up and nodded to the Commander and left the Ready Room.


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