NCC - 86105
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Meeting the captain.

Posted on Tue Dec 5th, 2017 @ 3:21pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant JG Thex sh'Zoarhi



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: Day 20 1246

The turbolift door opened as the new andorian intelligence officer stepped onto the bridge. She grinned to herself as she felt a few of the bridge crew eyes turn to the new member of the crew before turning back to their station.

Walking over to the captain's ready room the andorian pressed the door alarm waiting for a reply.

The door slid open, and James looked up to see a slender female walk in to his office.

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant." James new he would struggle with the pronunciation of the new crew members name so decided just to use her rank.

He pointed to the chair on the other side of the desk. "Please take a seat."

" Thank you sir." The andorian replied as she sat down opposite the captain. " I'm happy to be here."

James looked across the desk at the ships new Chief Intelligence Officer.

"I hope the journey out to Deep Space 3 was to arduous for you." He paused to look at the Padd in front of him.

"I see that after your first assignment, you have not been on a ship for any length of time. Have you done much deep space work?" He asked.

" A little sir. The Cape Town was mostly changing down slavers and gun runners out on the borders." Thex replied.

James nodded, "Your captain writes a glowing report of your actions."

James handed her a Padd, "This contains all the information on our next mission. We're only going to be the second time Starfleet has been out this far. There is no net work of agents and not very much back ground information, So you'll be having to think a lot on your feet."

James took a sip from the glass of water on his desk.

" May be some contacts not on the books. I'll have a word with some friends back at command and see if they know anyone." Thex replied as her blue eyes gazed over the padd. " What about the rumors sir. Is there anything I need to know?" She inquired. She like most of the fleet by now had heard rumors of a mutiny.

James shrugged his shoulders, he knew the rumours that had circulated around Starfleet.

"That was just over a year ago. Since then all of the old executive officers have been moved on, keep your ear to the ground though. I don't think most of the crew will be happy were having to go back."

" Will do sir. I'll keep an eye on them." Thex responded as she pocketed the padd.

James nodded at her reply. "We have a couple of weeks before we're scheduled to leave, so use the time wisely, once we are on our way we'll be on our own."

" Very good sir. If there's nothing else that you think i should know i'd like to get down to my office and make sure my stuff has arrived." Thex responded smiling slightly.

James nodded "Yes, please go and make your self at home"

" Thank you sir." Thex replied as she stood up and exited the room. She had a good feeling about this assignment.


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