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Posted on Wed Dec 6th, 2017 @ 10:14pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes
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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Day 20 1500 Hours

Jasmine walked into sickbay after meeting with the Captain. She took a look around, and waited nervously near the exist. She was new to the ship and her crew. She would have preferred to start her duty shift, but she needed to be cleared by medical staff. Physicals were standard when boarding a new ship.

The Vulcan medical officer rose from his desk as he heard the door swish open, moving himself into greet the new entrant. “Can I help you?”

"Morning Doctor, I am Lieutenant Junior Grade Jasmine Haynes, just checking in to sickbay, it's my first day aboard" she said noticing he was Vulcan. She was a little relieved. Her unique situation, would make it easier to talk to him.

“Please be seated on biobed 2” Rolvek gestured toward the second biobed from the left, moving toward it himself, retrieving a medical tricorder on his way past a nurses station in the middle of the room. “Do you exercise regularly?”

She thought to herself, Here we go again. She took a small breath and walked over to bio bed 2, and hopped up on the bed. With a grin on her face she said. "Not as much as I should Doc"

“It states here that you are the ships head of Security.” The doctor noted checking a display above the biobed, “your role would benefit from you being in the best physical shape possible. Whether or not it has an effect on your medical health is yet to be seen.”

He started to scan the security chief with the tricorder he had retrieved earlier. “Do you have any medical concerns?”

"Concerns, not really. I feel great. I am keeping up on my meditations, and my emotional stability is in check. I have never felt so at peace, as I do at this moment. " she pointed out to him. She may be practicing Vulcan meditation but she was not Vulcan. She was learning how to control her emotions.

“Fascinating.” Rolvek commented, as his eyebrow raised up his face. “I have never met a human who has attempted to keep check of their emotions.” He allowed his intregue to sit in the room whilst he continued his checks.

"It's in my file, its not by choice, when I was young, a Vulcan saved my life and the life of classmate, she initiated two Vulcan bonds, we survived but there was significant damage to the hippocampus, amygdala, the bond stabilized us but it took a strain on that part of the brain, we have a harder time controlling our emotional reactions, more than standard humans do" she said, realizing that humans were emotionally charged creatures.

"Before you ask, I have considered kohlinar, and openly reject it, I like my emotions, but I do take steps to limit them, the Vulcan meditations techniques are a big help" she said, waiting to see what the doctor was going to say.

If Rolvek were human then he might have felt off guard. He usually kept on top of new personelle files. With such a big influx of new crew members he was unable to keep on top of them.

“You should re-consider Kohlinar, you have allowed your fear to dictate your path.” Rolvek’s voice sounded so calm and collected, yet there still seemed to be a stress on his point. “How often do you meditate?”

"Every night varies from one hour to three, depending on the day, and I have been known to meditate in the morning from time to time, if I feel I need more stability" she pointed out to him. Realizing her patterns were not consistent.

"I like my emotions, I am human, and I want to have them." she said being a little defensive on the Kohlinar comment. She knew it was his job to offer alternatives. She was not interested in purging her emotions. She liked them.

Rolvek finished up his scans. “Please follow me”. His direction was blunt, as he led jazz into an adjoining room where a treadmill stood against the wall. “I need to ensure, your physical fitness meets Star Fleet requirements for humans. Please step up onto the treadmill.”

"Okay, shouldn't I be wearing workout gear" she asked teasingly, as she stepped onto the treadmill. This was new for her. She grinned nervously, wondering where he was going with this physical.

“If you wish I could suspend the medical, whilst you get changed. However you shouldn’t need to run for more than 5 minutes.” The Doctor would not relish the inconvenience, “Star Fleet uniform is designed with perspiration in mind.”

"I rather get this over with, if you don't mind" she said with a grin on her face. She waited for him to start this next set of tests.

Rolvek started the examination, usually these tests would be reserved for Fighter pilot physicals, but Lieutenant Haynes’ lack of exercise troubled the doctor.

After five minutes of scanning Rolvek shut off the treadmill. “Your examination is now complete, you meet all medical standards nesisary. However I would recommend ensuring you exsercise for at least fifteen minutes daily.”

"I will keep that in mind Doctor, see you around" she said as she hopped off the bio bed and left sickbay, before the doctor changed his mind.


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