NCC - 86105
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Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 3:16pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes
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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Quarters of Jasmine Haynes
Timeline: Day 20 10:00

Jazzy shuttle was on final approach to the USS Livingstone. They were currently on a mission. She knew she had a lot of catching up to do, she began to read service files, as the pilot began deceleration maneuvers to meet up with the Livingstone and to eventually to board the ship.

The shuttle was nothing too fancy, just a standard crew transport. Jazzy was not the only officer boarding the Livingstone today. It was clear that Captain Stevenson, had requested more officers and enlisted.

She was very happy to be given this assignment by the captain. It was the first step to her becoming a department head and someday a captain of her own. She had heard of some starship captain’s being given a command at the rank of Lieutenant Commander. She had even read up that the captain of the Livingstone was only a Commander in rank.

The shuttle had docked after a few minutes, she made her way past the duty officer and the quartermaster, briefly stopped by her quarters to drop off her stuff. She was looking forward to meeting the captain, first officer and the chief of security.

She splashed some water on her face, to wake her up, made sure her hair looked good and double checked her uniform as she left her quarters, her next stop was the bridge. She was ready to check in.

She left her quarters and made the small journey from her quarters to the bridge and up to the ready room of the Captain. She had requested to enter the bridge, met briefly with the duty officer and was guided to the ready room area of the USS Livingstone.


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