NCC - 86105
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Welcome abourd.

Posted on Mon Dec 4th, 2017 @ 7:34pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes
Edited on on Thu Dec 7th, 2017 @ 11:44am



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Day 20 1100 Hours

James herd the door buzz to announce the arrival of an other officer. He left the report he was reading and walked to the door. As it opened it reviled the ships new Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

"Afternoon Lieutenant Haynes, welcome aboard" He said and gestured with his arm towards the Tactical station behind the Captains chair.
"Shall we"

Jasmine was a little surprised, that he did not interview her, and when was she going to meet the new chief of security, her department head? She noticed the captain wanted to get straight down business. She could respect that.

She walked over to the tactical station, and inputted her command codes. She noticed a typo. "Captain, there seems to be an issue with my authorization codes" she said, wondering why it stated she was the chief of security. There had to be a mistake.

James looked at the console,

"That right, your to head the department." James stared at the young officer, "USS Carpathia's Captain recommended you." He watched again as she typed in her codes.

"Thank you sir, I'm speechless" she said in shock. She was honored and not expecting to be a department head. She knew what she was going to be doing after hours tonight, trying to get caught up on security logs and protocols for a chief.

"Obviously you'll need to sort your department's shifts, but I expect you to be here on all alerts." James instructed. Then he added a more friendly tone. " You have a couple of weeks before we lunch to get used to the systems and for your department to get used to you"

"Aye Captain, I have submit my department shift rotation to the first officer as soon as possible" she said, as she became familiar with the tactical display systems of the USS Livingstone.

"Captain, I'll make you proud" she smiled as she continued to familiarize herself with the tactical display.

James nodded."I belive you will."


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