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Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 7:49pm by Lieutenant Eric O'Shea & Lieutenant JG Thex sh'Zoarhi
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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Intel Office
Timeline: Day 22; 11:00 hrs

Thex grinned slightly as finished moving the rest of the furniture around the small office that she had as head of intelligence. The rest of her department was empty at the moment not that she minded the lack of noise it gave her time to think.

Only one last thing she had to do and that was get some programs installed on her computer. She could probably do it herself, but it would be nice to meet the rest of the crew.

" Lieutenant Eric O'Shea" She said as she opened a communications channel on her computer. " This is Lieutenant JG Thex sh'Zoarhi of intelligence. I need some programs instaled on my computer if you're free could you assist?" She inquired politely

Eric started slightly as his comm chirped, nearly dropping the krevar tool he was using to adjust the transient tension in the Varachek compensator of the warp core. He'd sealed off main engineering and zero'd out gravity to let them work easier on the upper portions and he could feel the four hours of work was making his leg hurt already.

Tapping his comm badge, he responded, "Aye Lieutenant, I'll join you shortly." Then glanced at the work crew around him. "Alright people, that's probably enough of this for today." Once he had everyone's attention, Eric ordered the gravity to increase gradually and they all floated to the floor.

Limping slightly, he picked up a standard engineering kit and made his way out of engineering. His crew was shaping up decently and the day spent in zero-g had been different for them all. There had been a few grumblings of course, but they had all gotten into the spirit of it.

By the time he'd reached the indicated office. Tapping the enunciator, he entered at her answer and paused just inside the door, looking about. "Well, it looks like I didn't get lost. Nice office, Lieutenant. Welcome aboard the Livingstone, by the by. How are you settling in?"

" Well enough. Been a while since i had a ship under my feet, but i'll get use to it." Thex replied holding up her hand for a shake.

Eric shook hands with her and set his kit next to the door. "You were posted ground side then? That might be a nice change. I've been in deep space for most of my career, though lately I've bounced around a bit so it's hard to keep orientated, especially in zero g."

" That must have been interesting. Last time i was in zero g was back at the academy. I was sick if i could remember correctly. " She replied as she fished around in her pockets for a data stick. Pulling it out she announced " Need the programs on this installed. Some of them need engineering access to install. "

Eric slid into the desk chair, and ran a Tricorder over the data stick, noting the parameters and permissions of the programs and reviewing them quickly as the information scanned across his contact reader. "Looks fairly straight-forward," he said, sliding the stick into a port and keying in authorization for everything to open and update."

"Nothing too painful after all, Lieutenant. That should take about five minutes to decompress, update, and finish install." Eric checked a couple of other settings and then packed his equipment away, standing.

"These systems all had a level three diagnostic run about a month ago, so you should be good to go." He contemplated the Livingstone's new Intel officer and the fact that she hadn't answered his question and decided to let it pass.

"Well, if there wasn't anything else it was nice to meet you Lieutenant. Call my Eric, by the way and let me know if you need anything else. "

" Will do Eric and call me Thex. " The andorian replied politely a smile on her blue face.


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