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Posted on Wed Dec 6th, 2017 @ 10:10pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes
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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Lounge
Timeline: Day 21, 1900 Hours

Jazzy was getting off duty. It was time for her to head back to her quarters. She needed to meditate before she had dinner. Being around a new crew was a little taxing on her. Plus it had been a few days since she last meditated. She grabbed some earth scented artificial candles and set up a place on the floor for her to meditate. She used a traditional yoga mat with a Vulcan throw blanket with the idic symbol on it.

She started to meditate, trying to unwind her mind from the daily stress she had been subjugated to. She was the new chief of security and chief tactical officer, a role she was not expecting to be taken on, she assumed she was going to be the assistant chief of security and assistant chief tactical officer. She was getting bombarded with security protocols, procedures, security clearance level requests, investigation reports, and so on.

She found she rather enjoyed all of the excitement the position offers, where some would flee, she embraced the role. At first the role seemed very difficult, but the further she dug into the role. It was not that bad, and she was able to adapt pretty quickly.

She smiled as she sat alone in her quarters, practicing Vulcan meditation. Unlike most Vulcans, she preferred to think positivity as she sat in the room alone, avoid of distractions and was able to clear her mind of them.

For the past two nights she started by meditating first, then had dinner and then went to the mess hall and lounge area before calling it a night. She mainly did this to get a feel for the social life on the USS Livingstone. Somewhere in between there, she managed to reach out to Luke and T’Vok, and her family in general. The past forty days had been fun and slightly a blur.

She had absorbed so much information that she had realized that really did not leave her any time to make friends yet. She wanted to change that. She liked being the social butterfly. And recently she had been the silent type and observing.

She was trying to recall everything that had transpired over the past two days. She met the entire bridge crew, the senior staff, made friends with the doctor and others. She had reached out to Luke and was trying to help her oldest friend out. He was struggling, but so was she and so was T’Vok.

They were struggling but they were are all doing okay, and only T’Vok and Jazzy studied Vulcan meditation, Luke was trying his own variation of healing meditation based around earth culture. He was working with a human counselor.

Her meditations and needing to stabilize her condition with her new assignment, did make her miss a few important dates on the USS Livingstone. She missed the promotion party of Dawson. On Day 2 the crew celebrated with Dawson, however Jazzy choose to spend the night studying up on policies and procedures. She only had two weeks, before the Livingstone was going to depart Deep Space 3.

But today was now day three, she felt a little better about her position and what to expect after only two days aboard. She reached out and opened a dialogue with Zeke and made a new friend down in sickbay, with Doctor Rolvek. She was debating on heading down to the ship’s lounge area. She was not sure what she was going to find.

Some ships had wild parties, while others were a bunch of old timers that sat around reminiscing about the good old days. She would rather party it up and have a good time. She continued to meditate realizing that she was very distracted with thought. She knew she was distracted because this was a new assignment and she wanted to fit and reach out and meet everyone.

But for the moment she needed to allow her mind a chance to heal and to meditate. She sat there, going over the steps to the vulcan meditation, about an hour passed, which seemed like a blink of an eye once she was able to drown out all of the distractions. For the past two days she had been trying to get on focus with her meditations. Today she was able to do it, successfully. She was very pleased by this, small victory. It was a sign that she was settling into her role and new home.

She decided after her meditation, she was going to leave the comforts of her quarters and head down to the lounge area. She saw the good doctor setting up a game of Kal-toe at one of the tables. She walked over to him. “Do you mind if I play a game with you, Doctor” she asked, hoping he would say yes.

“Kal-Toe is a complex mathematical, and strategic game. It takes a number of years to master.” The Vulcan explained, “are you aware of the rules and strategies involved?”

To most Rolvek would seem rude in his bluntness. Something he was blissfully unaware of.

"Doctor, you puzzle me, would I not be asking to play if I did not, know the rules" she playful teased him in a sarcastically serious tone, trying to do her Vulcan impression. She raised her eyebrow at him.

Rolvek raised his eyebrow in return, “I have had a great number of crewmates ask to play previously, who did not know the game. However you are correct, their actions have been illogical.”

He gestured over to the seat opposite, “shall we commence?”

A waiter stopped by the table. "Can I get you something Miss" asked the waiter with a warm smile on her face.

"Peppermint Tea please" said Jazzy, as she took a seat directly across from Rovlek. She noticed the game was set. She smiled for a brief second then put on her game face.

"And you sir" asked the Waitress.

“Water please”

“What else?” The waitress sighed as she turned away. Leaving Rolvek to begin gameplay.

They started to play the game, the waitress came by but did not interrupt them. Jazzy first couple of moves were conservative, she wanted to see how good he really was. But her competitive spirit kicked in and she noticed a few people gathered around the table.

Jazzy was a better player than most of his opponents. She had been playing the game for the past four years, but clearly Rolvek had more years of experience. He was very good, but Jazzy was not giving up.

They continued to play for a while. Eventually he won the game. "Impressive Doctor" she called out to him. "Perhaps soon we can have rematch" she asked, wondering what he would say?

“You play well, however you still require experience. I would encourage further plays.” The Doctors comment almost sounded like a taunt, however everything he said was in undoubtabe senserity.


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