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Reflections on progress

Posted on Sat Dec 9th, 2017 @ 9:45pm by Commander James Stevenson



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Day 22 1035

Commander James Stevenson, the Commanding Officer of the USS Livingstone sat back in his chair. Visitors to the bridge would often ask about the chair, it was not the typical Captain’s chair. James had had a Pilot’s chair from a Razor fighter fitted with all the necessary technology and placed on the centre of the bridge. A small link to past glories.

As he sat there he began to reflect on the mission so far and how the preparation was progressing. There had been two more officers arrive on the ship who seemed to be making every effort to join in with the crew. Taxen was now tracking down items that the away team would have to be equipped with. The cultural briefing had gone well, although Kanery had been very upset. She had cried all the way to the shuttle which would take her home to her husband. James understood the reasons for her feelings, if not how she felt. She had chosen to leave her home planet for love, joining the previous Captain of the Livingstone and then had to watch as the ship’s crew descended into mutiny and subsequently found herself under arrest. With the Captain’s forced retirement from the service he had turned into a bitter man and because she had seen beyond the future of her own world and the prime directive had come into force, she was not allowed to return home.

Apart from Kernery’s obvious pain at the cultural briefing, James had felt it had gone well. Lieutenant Igh had begun to come up with a plan of how the crew would pass incognito whilst on the planet. James felt a little trepidation at the upcoming mission however he also understood it would be a complex undertaking. The away team would have to be placed a long distance, may be a few weeks away, from the target city and travel there on foot. Meanwhile the ship would have to remain hidden from the planet probably behind one of the moons.

At this current time James knew that the ships company were working to get the ship ready for the long mission. The Doctor had been researching the necessary techniques and equipment to change the away teams features to allow them to appear as locals on Lippershey 2. The Operation’s officer had an idea of how to travel around the planet, but this would require the building of a couple of wagons and Taxen had been dispatched to source some wood. He had faith in the Ferengi and her ability to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, yet, the iron would prove more difficult. James would ask Lieutenant Westbrook to do some analysis of the asteroids and meteors in the local vicinity to see whether it was plausible to mine them. Once this was done James knew he would have to speak to the Chief Engineering Officer to see if they could manufacture the wagons.

James relaxed a little and let the bustle of the bridge go on around him. He felt that the ship and the crew were on track for the departure date which was in two weeks. Once they were on the way he would ask the Executive officers for their ideas about the ship approaching undetected and moving round the planet undercover.


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