NCC - 86105
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Posted on Sat Dec 9th, 2017 @ 11:37pm by Lieutenant Eric O'Shea



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Holo deck 2
Timeline: Day 21 18:30

Eric unconsciously held his breath as he hoisted the wheel up onto the freshly greased hub and twisted it slightly until it slid fully onto the axel. He fumbled with the linch pin, his greased hands slick still but managed to fit and tap it into place.

Stepping back to survey his work, he vocalized. “Computer, final notes on wagon construction, truck assembly, wheel and axel. Generally, the design notes for everything should be fine. Overall, any differences to construction can be explained from the lack of standardization from area to area. The away team can purchase replacement wheel grease and various items as they go to add authentic gear to the wagon to help it blend in.”

Stretching, Eric took a rag that wasn’t much cleaner than his hands from a back pocket and began wiping the worst from his hands as he continued. “I’ve written specs with variations by a few millimeters here and there purposely so that we’ll have some trouble fitting everything together, again to make the wagons appear hand fitted. Too perfect cuts and fitting won’t do. The thing I worry about is the painting and water proofing, but there again we can obtain local product for window dressing. I’ve worked up a few recipes based on local flora and fauna information that we have, and that should be close enough.”

He finished wiping the worst off and walked over to the work bench he’d been using in the workshop, looking over the wheel parts he’d built, just so he had an idea of the process, along with the hand hewn axels and other truckage. Tossing the rag toward a bin at the end of the bench, he continued. “Most of the metal smithing will be kept to a minimum, I think. Comm boosting gear can be built into the axels or similar as needed, of course. End.”

Eric moved to the next table and glanced over the array of items he’d designed to cover the technology the away team would need. The communicators would be easy to produce and each member could chose the bit of jewelry that fancied them. Tricorders were going to be a bit trickier, but wood and leather bound books or the such would probably be best, though tuned to the user. He’d played around with phasers, putting the components into the hilts of daggers and belt knives, but that was still up in the air, pending the Commander’s choice.

He needed some guidance though, such as if they were going to get some sort of animal to pull the wagons or lighten them up to be drawn by hand. If they were going to use animals, they’d need to get harnessing information down and consider how to source those as well. Sighing at the amount of work and small details he still had to work out, Eric headed for the exit planning on cleaning up and finding food as his stomach growled and reminded him he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. He picked up the shillelagh that he’d started using to give his leg a bit of support. Medical said his leg was as healed as it was going to be, but it still hurt when he stayed in place for too long and the recent zero-g work they’d been doing had made it ache in new and surprising ways.

He had paperwork to finish as well, which meant he had better dine in his office and he slipped out of the holodeck, ordering the computer to save and store the program. Eric’s mind churned over several things at once and he only briefly reflected that it was nice to have plenty of work that he was comfortable doing to keep his mind off his personal problems.

Briefly, he thought about Kiska and a pang of loneliness hit him as he descended in the turbo lift. His limp worsened slightly as he exited and walked toward his office. Minutes later he slid into his desk chair with a tray containing a large mug of coffee and plate of spicy szechuan shrimp stir fry. He called up some music and began sorting through maintenance reports, losing himself again.


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