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The Ferengi and the Oxen

Posted on Sun Dec 10th, 2017 @ 8:44pm by Chief Warrant Officer Taxen



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Taxen's Quarters

Taxen’s oversized ears had been catching snippets of whispered conversation along the corridors of the Ship about the next mission and she felt the mounting excitement of the crew. Her appetite had been further whetted when she discovered the landing party would be in disguise; Taxen would relish the opportunity to be part of such a performance. However, she had been tasked with sourcing the supplies needed for the mission.

She had once been a member of a Trade Mission supplying goods between the Ferengi Alliance and the Governments of other star systems. She would now need to reconnect with the trading crew she had once been a part of although contacting her old commander could be tricky, nevertheless paying special attention to his often rubbed earlobes could weaken his resolve; she smiled ruefully at the thought.

Taxen took the list given to her by Kollin to her spacious and well-furnished quarters (the bartering business was indeed her forte) … she needed to think (and painting her long blue fingernails would enable her to do just that) … there were strict Ferengi By-Laws governing business conducted by Ferengi females which she would have to circumvent, although they did permit trade with females who were non-Ferengi, however, Taxen visibly shuddered at the thought of Kollin’s dubious ability in the fine art of negotiation!

Looking down the list of supplies while her fingernails dried, Taxen realised that most of the equipment listed could be sourced through Starship trading routes within the Alliance’s Bye-laws. Nevertheless, her ears twitched when she read the word “oxen” followed by “x 6”. Her mind wandered and she suddenly whistled aloud to no one “The Ox and Lamb” … she had remembered, the holodeck programme where she had further honed her negotiating skills; Taxen felt giddy with excitement.

She had a number of contacts available to her which could help secure the required mammals but her first dealings would be with the Andorians. The Andorian bull was a larger but similar breed to that of the Lippershey 2 oxen so would blend in well with the new surroundings. However, there was also the rather not so small detail in that the bull could brood and stomp around and would need to be handled rather more aggressively, a fact Taxen must not forget to mention to the Captain.


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