NCC - 86105
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Posted on Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 @ 12:57pm by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: First Officer's Ready Room
Timeline: MD 22, 1400 Hours

Jasmine was manning her station, going over the last crew performance reviews. She noticed several officers were a little late on completing their rifle and hand held phaser qualifications. She started to pour through the list, she wanted to bring this oversight to the attention of the first officer.

“Commander, I would like to schedule in a time in the duty shift for the crew to recertify on the ranges, with the rifle and hand held devices, myself and Master Chief Macmanus can conduct the recertification's.” Pointed out Jasmine as she waited to hear what Commander Felnost was going to recommend. Jasmine figured there must have been a valid reason for delaying the last round of qualifications.

One of the joys of being XO was covering the posts that did not have a senior officer. While some had closed up due to new transfers, such as security, others had opened up. It was more of a challenge to juggle all of these balls than she had thought. The request from the new chief of security though snagged her mind in a way that only that posting could do. "How many are due to be recertified?" she inquired as she got up and walked towards the security station.

Jasmine began to create a list, she put the data up on a screen for the first officer to see. It was a long list, mostly enlisted, but a few of the senior staff as well. "Here is the list that I have, do you see any discrepancies, Commander?" asked Jasmine.

Akelia's eyes went down the list. Her prior service on a Nebula gave her an instinctive understanding for how many personnel were on the ship and the usual time required to keep certifications up. This list was larger than she had expected and she ticked off how she'd approach it as security chief. But that wasn't her job anymore and she needed to let the Livingstone's chief handle it.

"What are your recommendations for efficiently handling this list?" she inquired sensing a good chance to see how this new chief handled the position.

"I would like to start off with the senior officers that need recertification, and have Master Chief Macmanus, work with the enlisted, my goal is to get all key personal checked off first, people we send on standard away teams, then slowly down to everyone else on the list."

That was a interesting reply, she thought while aloud she said, "So you would oversee the officers?"

"I know my presence is not required for basic recertification, but it gives me a chance to meet some of the senior staff." Pointed out Jasmine, hoping the first officer would like her plan.

It was, for lack of a better word, an interesting approach to get to break the ice with the other officers. Akelia had never been one to worry much about getting to know people. In several areas, she actually avoided familiarity. Looking at the list again, she knew that the young officer here would have to rise or fall on her own merits.

"Very well. You'll have to verify certification schedules with the department heads anyways. I would suggest starting with our Chief Medical Officer since you have to have the boarding physical anyways. It'll be a good quid pro quo," she said. "Do you foresee any difficulties or areas of special attention given our upcoming mission?"

"I do not foresee any complications, with the upcoming mission. I will reach out to the doctor and the other senior staff as soon as possible. Thank you Commander, for your time, its appreciated."

"Be careful lieutenant, the unexpected is always something you should prepare for," she said as she headed back to her station. She knew the dangers far better than most.


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