NCC - 86105
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Special Delivery

Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 5:44pm by Commander James Stevenson & Chief Warrant Officer Taxen



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Shuttlebay 3
Timeline: Day 24 21:00

James looked out of the control room window over the empty shuttle bay its wide door opened to space. His old squadron used to call that the “Barn door” and today, probably for the first time in Star Fleet history, that was an apt description, for today the Livingstone was to accept a consignment of six Andorian oxen.

Taxen was waiting apprehensively for the Commander to speak, his silence was making her increasingly agitated and she turned to look towards Kollin but realised it would be futile to break the silence; the Klingon’s attention was steadfast. The Andorians had been cautious to barter for the oxen wanting precise details concerning of the use of their animals, possibly afraid they were to be served up on a platter! Taxen had been unusually cautious about their usage but reassured the colony that the beasts would be returned, however, the Andorians had demanded an insurance payment in the unlikely event that not all or none of the Oxen returned.

James looked towards Kollin sat at the operations' desk, if she was nervous of the plan the Klingon Operations Officer did not show it. He could see by the interface in front of her that the shuttle was beginning its final run. Only a few moments passed and the large Starfleet runabout entered the loading bay and landed with what sounded like a large sigh. The Cargo Bay’s door closed and James could hear the faint hissing sound of the bay re-pressurising.

The ship carrying the cargo was now in full view, sitting on the landing Zone in-front of them. Holodeck 3 had been prepared to accommodate the oxen along with four Andorian Marines, one of whom had grown up on a farm and was particularly knowledgeable about managing this particular livestock. The sudden sound of a commotion echoed from the run-about the sedative would be wearing off and Taxen was certain she had informed the Commander about this particular breed’s aggressive nature. “All livestock aboard” came a voice through the intercom.

"Lieutenant, beam them straight to the holodeck" James was slightly disappointed he had wanted to look over the beasts before they were moved to their quarters.

Kollin's fingers moved across the interface and she grunted "Aye aye sir" as she did this.

James leaned forward. He presses an intercom button, then entered a code allowing him to broadcast to the ship.

"Please note the ship is at 24 hours notice to launch."


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