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Slimming down

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 3:26am by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & 1st Lieutenant Thomas Hathorne



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Marine barracks

The corridors were quieter than before when Akelia had been down here last done her regular meetings with the marines. Wtih the major reassigned and most of his personel taken with him, it left the barracks feeling quite spacious. Finding the commander office she hit the chime and was soon admitted.

For Lt. Hathorne, the commander's promptness wasn't surprising. He'd seen her in action and believed that everything she did had some purpose. This was his first time working with the commander in any situation besides underfire. He decided it best to stand at attention as she entered. "Good morning Commander," he said in his most professional voice.

"Good morning Lt. and at ease," she said calmly. He motioned her to a seat and they both sat down. "How are you settling into your new role? " she asked.

"Being moved to the top spot isn't a problem. Same size, one platoon to command. The reorganization of that platoon will take some time for all of us to gel. It is a rather unique mix," he said holding out a padd.. "Here is my request for training times. A lot of this will require a holodeck."

Akelia nodded. It was a strange mix up that Starfleet had given them. Two squads of recon, one light armor squad and a combat engineer squad. The diversity of each individual unit was good, but the specialized nature of the units would be a challenge to field together. At best all could be rearranged into rifle squads, though their own special skills would be mostly lost in such a case.

Looking at the PaDD she could see that he knew he had his work cut out for him. "I can allot you a good amount of holodeck time but some of this you'll have to improvise with regular drills."

"Fair enough I suppose. Do you know which units will be used on the mission?" he inquired.

"Not yet, but assume a recon and engineer section to be assigned," she said. She handed back the padd with his allotted times for holodeck use.

"Understood, I'll give them priority in the holodeck then. If there is nothing else, I'll get the sergeants barking," he said.

Akelia shook her head and stood up to leave. Thomas took a moment to gather his thoughts and then set out to shape up his unit to match the standards of his beloved corps.


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