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Mission Plan

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2018 @ 12:13pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant JG Kollin Igh & Lieutenant Rolvek



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Day 35 1240

James sat at the table, he enjoyed the lunch time get together of the executive officers. He knew that not all of them felt the same way so under normal circumstances he would not insist that they join him, however today was important.

They had come up with a plan for the away team and then secondly a method to get the away team onto Lippershey without being detected.

Jasmine got the request to have lunch with the Captain. She smiled as she walked into the observation lounge. She walked over to the replicator and placed her order. She grabbed her replicated plate of Ham and mash potatoes with green beans and took a seat.

She gently placed the plate in front of her. "Hello Captain," she said as she grabbed her fork and knife and cut a small piece of the ham, and took a bite. The taste was pretty bland. But what can you expect from a replicator.

Akelia looked up from her anka'ha soup at the glibness of security officer. A meeting and food soured her and to see such a mood only added to it. Hopefully this would be quicker than not.

Jasmine noticed that the first officer was at the table now. She had a strange feeling the first officer was getting the wrong impression of her, but she could not figure out what it was, or why she felt that way. "Hello Commander, that soup smells delicious." She said taking another small bite of the replicated ham. Trying to reach out to Akelia.

"Anka'ha soup is extremely salty by human standards," she said at hint of mischievousness creeping into her voice, only natural for an Andorian though. "You're welcome to try if you can handle it."

"I may take you up on that, Commander." She said, continuing to take small bites of food waiting for the bridge crew to report to the conference room. This was meeting was going to be her first mission as chief of security. She was looking forward to the meeting.

Eric limped into the lounge, his stick tapping the deck slightly as he first made his way to a replicator where he obtained a bowl of heavily spiced stir fried vegetables and a decanter of water. Juggling cane, plate and decanter carefully he made his way over to the table and found a seat with the rest of the command staff and gave a half wave as he slid into his seat.

He noticed a couple of glances at his grease stained smock and grinned around a bite of the spicy dish, "Aye, I know I'm something of mess but figuring out how to get the leather harnessing properly supple and authentic looking has been a bit of a trick." Chewing thoughtfully for a moment, he poured water into his glass and swirled the water.

"I think it's right though, all that's left to do is add the smell and the aging process and we're ready to process it."

"Hello Lieutenant O'Shea," said Jazzy with a warm smile on her face. She wanted to ask him about his cane, but this was not really the place or the time for those type of inquiries. For the moment, the captain called everyone together for a luncheon.

Eric, mid bite, let his eyes track to the greeting and glanced the Livingstone's Security officer over. He noticed her eyes linger at his cane and after wiping his mouth to make sure he didn't have any sauce lingering, he returned her smile. "JG Haynes. How goes Security these days?" He felt a bit awkward, but determined not to make the conversation about himself, or his cane.

"Nice and quiet, the way I like it. It means the crew is happy and content for the moment. How are things going Engineering?" Asked Jazzy, as she drew her attention from his cane to his eyes, it was only polite to look at someone, when you were talking to them.

Eric took a drink from his tumbler and grinned at Haynes, "Well, there's nothing broken, bleeding air, or on fire right now so I'd say everything is moving along nicely. Or as my grandfather would put it, things are finer than a frog hair split nine ways. Though I think that saying was created way before the wooly croakers on Altair IV were found."

"Good to hear, a quiet ship is a happy ship," she said, not really sure how to respond to the Altair IV, comment. She had never been to Altair IV, so she had no reference for it.

With long fast strides Kollin entered the meeting room and took the last remaining seat. It would be inappropriate to eat and although trivial pleasantries were not the Klingon way Kollin was curious enough to try to fit in … she immediately stood up and addressed the room “I greet you, I am Kollin” and sat back down, feeling satisfied with this beginning.

Rolvek entered the room, nodding toward the filling table but saying nothing. He didn’t feel there was anything at this point that needed saying. He walked over to the replicator and immediately ordered the replicator “Nutritional supplement 26”. A bowl of green gloop appeared before him, which he took without even the slightest blink and placed down in front of an empty seat at the table.

"Hello Doctor, feels like ages since I saw you last." She teased with a wink. Her statement was completely inaccurate. They had been working closely on her adjust to her new post, and Vulcan meditation. She was curious, how Rolvek was going to handle her human like humor, in a group setting.

“Our last meeting was only a few hours ago Lietnenant.” The Vulcan remarked. “Perhaps if you can not remember, the ships counsellor should be asked to give you a phyciatric evaluation.” It was hard to tell if Rolvek was serious or not. His face had the usual lack of emotion, and his words sounded just as dead pan as ever.

Jasmine gave a slight chuckle. "Nice to see the Doctor is finally warming up to his number one patient." She suggested, nothing that the table was a little to quiet for her taste. She tried to avoid eye contact with the first officer, she had a feeling she was probably rolling her eyes at the sly remark, from two of her junior officers.

“I give no preference to any of my patients Lieutenant.” Rolvek replied before taking a spoonful of his meal.

"I think I will quiet, while I am behind," said Jazzy, as she sat back in her chair a little, and started to take another bite. She was wondered why she was doing most of the talking? She hoped the captain or first officer would take over the conversation.

Akelia would have thought more of it, but the last few stragglers found their way in. With a nod from the captain she stood up and moved to the screen. A quick touch and it revealed the system they were to head into.

"As you know, this system is developing a telescope so the Livingstone cannot enter orbit. Rather it will hide behind the moon. We'll be using two shuttles to ferry down the teams. Lt. Warren will oversee this" she said.

"Are we expecting any resistance?" Asked Jazzy.

"The area we are focusing on is in religious upheaval. That means anything from robbers to military formations on the march," Akelia replied.

"Understood," she said, being a little concerned about possible ambush, she needed to plan for all possible outcomes.

James nodded to Akelia, "That's settled. There is still a lot to plan here. I'll need you plans for approval with in the next 48 hours."


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