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Progress report

Posted on Sat Jan 27th, 2018 @ 11:15am by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant JG Kollin Igh



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Captains ready room
Timeline: Day 32 0900

James sat at his ready room desk and waited.

He had called all the Livingstone’s executive officers in to give him a progress report on how their departments were functioning. The ship was a week in to it’s mission and still 5 weeks away from the Lippershey system. However after a week of traveling James felt it would be a good idea to assess on all departments.

Jasmine walked into the ready room of the captain. She walked over to his desk and smiled as she snapped to the position of attention. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Jasmine Haynes reporting as ordered, Captain." said Jasmine waiting for the captain to respond, she was almost complete with the re certifications with the crew of the USS Livingstone.

"At ease Lieutenant, good work with re-certifications, How are you settling in?" James said, hoping that Jasmine would relax a little.

"Thank you captain," she said, as she went to parade rest. The doors open before she could say anything else. She noticed it was Akelia Felnost the first officer of the ship.

James looked at Jasmine, "It may be worth getting some of the crew used to handling muskets and swords." He paused "Thank you for the report. We will have a planning meeting over the next few days. Get yourself to the sick bay and see if it's possible to be disguised for the up coming away team."

Akelia followed in quickly afterwards. She had to report for the marines and CONN so she was needed. Unlike the security chief, she nodded and said captain before taking her seat.

James nodded to the number two "How are we progressing?"
"All department schedules are approved and ready. The marines are settled in and we've set a rigorous training program to get them ready as a unit. One of our CONN officers is down with some morning sickness but the other officers are stepping up well till it passes" Akelia replied.

Jasmine was not sure what to do, she was new to the role of department head, does she continue to stand or take a seat near the first officer, she decided best to stand till the captain or first officer said to sit down.

"Your dismissed Lieutenant."

"Aye Captain." Said Jasmine as she snapped to the position of attention, and did a direct about face, and started to walk out the door. Before she left, she looked to Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost. Then continued to walk out of the room.

Before Jazzy left the room she said in a mellow tone. "Commander," as she walked out of the room.

Eric slipped into the ready room, and stood before the Captain's desk, nodding politely until directed to a seat. "Captain, Commander."

"Your report, Lieutenant" James asked

"Engineering is running fairly smoothly. We're through the first round of Level one diagnostics that I wanted to run on the primary systems and we're moving to the second round. We've got some good Officers and Chief's and they're taking the brunt while I've been working on the upcoming away mission."

"Good. Let me know of any issues" With that Eric left.

James nodded to him as he went, despite his problems James thought of Eric as one of his trusted officers.

Kollin entered the ready room and waited impatiently for the Captains attention ... at the Engineers departure she snapped to attention.

"nuqneH" James said, however this was completely ignored.

"Chief of Operations progress report" Kollin nodded to the number 2 and continued ... "Taxen has secured the arrival of the six oxen needed for the mission, however" Kollin continued rather derisively ... "she has insisted I mention that these particular heifers are apparently rather more stubborn than your average bull and will need to be handled more aggressively" Kollin visible scoffed, "I will of course manage these animals" Kollin stated with such finality ... she abruptly departed.

James looked to his number 2 and then back to Kollin.

"Get your self to sick bay and see if you can be disguised as you may have to be our herdsman."

With the reports complete James felt confident the mission was running to plan.


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