NCC - 86105
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Heading into a circle

Posted on Wed Jan 10th, 2018 @ 2:23am by Lieutenant Eric O'Shea



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Various
Timeline: Day 23 18:00

Eric sat the completed drum on the workbench and eyed it. He’d crafted it as generically as he’d been able without anything for reference and aged it carefully, adding sweat stains and ware marks that seemed correct.

The sling and sticks were equally finished and he hoped the effort would be worth it. So far, he wasn’t sure what role he’d play on the away team, if any. The drum he could play around with in his off hours, but if they were going to be entertainers they’d need to practice together.

Or he’d have to rig sound equipment into the instruments to make it all sound like they’d been playing together long enough to be a troupe. Which would be highly annoying and tricky at the same time if he had to balance acoustics with sound dampening and tuning, matching it to the individual player and voice.

Scrubbing at the beard he was growing out, he turned next to the concoction he’d worked up that morning. He sniffed at the powder in the small cup and nodded to himself. It had kept the right smell and the consistency looked right. Tapping out a small pile, he applied flame and grinned madly as it caught and woofed.

Gunpowder had been easy of course. It appeared that the substance used on Lippershay. Making it waterproof had been the tricky bit, but like most things easy once you got there.

He secured the powder and vessels, then turned next to the belt knife he’d crafted. Picking it up, he tested the weight in his hand, pleased with the wire wrapped leather handle and with the sharpness. Then he pointed it towards the far end of the work room and waited briefly as a red dot appeared on the target he’d hung.

His thumb twitched and a burst of sparks danced over the target. Cackling, he lowered the blade and sheathed it. Hiding the phaser in a dagger probably would work well, though he wasn’t sure that having the beam color neutralized was a good idea, but in theory he’d thought it was a good idea.

An alarm chimed and his contact flashed announcing that his shift was over. Looking around the workshop, Eric decided that he was mostly caught up here and he’d made sure Engineering was up to speed that morning. He stripped off the smock he’d been wearing and tossed it into a recycler, then picked up his stick as he exited the shop and locked it down.

Wandering the Livingstone’s corridor back to his quarters, Eric debated supper and shrugged it off, not feeling especially hungry. Or at least not feeling like putting any effort into it. Instead he ordered a glass of milk and went to the drafting console in his bedroom, which he’d set to look out the view port. He watched the star field stream by for a time, drinking a glass of milk.

He looked around his quarters and shook his head, it was fairly spartan and he’d even taken down his wedding pictures. Setting the glass down, he slid to his feet and winced. Hobbling a little as he walked over to change, and booked a holosuite to go for a run. Exercise beat sitting around thinking too much.

At least that’s what the counselor had said, though Eric was of two minds about that. It gave him time to think too, and so far he was sick of where his mind went whenever it was left to it’s own devices. He left his quarters, debating but pushed on. After his run, he’d glove up and go a few rounds with the safety interlocks off.

Maybe a bit of pain management was in order.


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