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Posted on Sun Mar 18th, 2018 @ 10:41am by Commander James Stevenson



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: USS Livingstone - Ready Room
Timeline: Day 43 1400

John stepped out of the turbo lift onto the bridge of the Livingstone. It was a hive of activity. Even in space dock every station seemed to be manned. Everyone seemed enthralled in their jobs. After spending all of his bridge days with a skeleton crew, it struck John as very extraordinary.

He slowly walked his way around the edge taking in the sight until he reached the door to the captains ready room. He pushed his thumb against the chime and waited for a response.

"Enter" James said

The young pilot marched into the room, taking 3 paces and allowing the door to close behind him, before springing to attention. “Lieutenant John Warren reporting for duty sir!”

"Take a seat and welcome aboard"

John allowed his stance to drop and walked further into the room to sit facing his new CO. He hadn’t had to formally introduce himself to the captain of a ship before. Something about it filled him with nerves and dread.

"Good day Lieutenant. I hope your trip here was not too arduous."

“Not at all sir, you get used to monotony when you grow up on a freighter.” There was a sense of jest in Johns voice.

"So your going to be the C.O of the Zambezi Squadron."

“By some miracle, I suppose I am.” John had found it hard to accept someone who was as junior as himself had not only been promoted so quickly but also been given such a position of authority. He had ha,f expected to wake up any moment from the nightmare come dream, that his life had been for the past few months.

"I hope that you will have read the records' in transit. The Squadron was almost destroyed in our last mission. It fought well but has had to be rebuilt. There is little experience amongst the fighter pilots. You have come most recommended, I appreciate you have big boots to fill and to make matters worse for you the old co is still on the ship." Jams sounded very blunt and to the point as he did not want his emotions around the incident and it's consequences to creep in to his voice.

“I intend to do my best sir,” John responded dutifully. “With your permission sir I would like to take the squadron on frequent training runs.” He paused for a moment.

"Unfortunately our next mission, will not afford you much time for training. However you'll be heavily involved in the support of ground activities."

“Ground activities, sir?” John was both concerned and curious. What possible reason could a pilot be involved in ground activities?

"You'll be delivering equipment to the planet surface" James paused "Then fly buys to keep the away team in touch".

John didn’t exactly relish the thought of piloting the same route day after day. He had joined Star Fleet for exploration, for adventure. That was obviously not what was on offer here. But he would take the monotonous missions as small payment for the chance to see the galaxy.

“I’m sure I can handle that, sir.” He said with a grin, remaining professional but airing a touch of cheek. “Is there anything else sir?”

James smiled "I'm shore you will. Dismissed"


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