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Posted on Thu Jan 25th, 2018 @ 8:07pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: USS Livingstone - Sickbay
Timeline: MD30 - 1721

Rolvek knelt on the floor in his office, surrounded by candles and a mat of dull colours beneath him. His head tucked down. Meditation was normal for Rolvek, but meditation in his office was not. However he always kept the equipment to do so at hand, in case time allowed or he felt the need to keep his emotions at bay. Today was one of those days, his work had proven more challenging than he was used to. Developing a disguise was easy work, developing a disguise for a Ferengi without amputating his ears was quite the opposite. But Rolvek was determined to find a way, however frustrating it might be.

Frustration was exactly what he was attempting to keep at bay, when he heard the door a knock at his office window.

Jasmine was going to check in with Rolvek and ask about some Vulcan meditation techniques. She hated interrupting the man, but he was the only one on duty. She had planned it this way. She was not very comfortable with the crew, finding out their chief of security needed to practice Vulcan meditation in order to keep her emotions in check.

She noticed Rolvek, and he motioned her to walk into the office. "I'm sorry to bother you doctor, but I was hoping maybe we can discuss my Vulcan meditation techniques. One of my bondmates, is struggling, its a little harder for me to focus on my own. I was hoping you could help strengthen my bond. She asked?

Recently Luke was going through a rollercoaster of emotions, he met a girl and he had neglected his meditation rituals, and in a small way it was distracting Jazzy. She needed clarity and strength to see this through.

“Of course, Lieutenant.” He responded coolly, as if the interuption was no bother at all. He stood and ushered Jazzy to take the same spot he had just been occupying.

Traditionally she would have changed into the Vulcan meditation robe. But there was no time for that, at the moment. She kneeled down at first, then repositioned her feet, and kept a nice vertical posture as she closed her eyes and interlocked her fingers. She knelt beside him. As she closed her eyes, she called out, perhaps a Vulcan mind meld, will help you see, what kind of issues I am contending with and how to focus my emotions to suppress them." She asked waiting for the Doctor to say something. Phyiscally they would look like two people kneeling and sharing a Vulcan mind meld, in reality, he would be getting a glimpse of who she was, and the struggles she went through.

“A Vulcan mind meld can be a very distressing, and dangerous ritual.” Rolvek explained, “although I myself have considered a meld in this situation, I must be sure that you know the risks.”

"It's not my first time, Doctor. But if you are worried about damaging my mind, we can use good old fashion verbal communication." She suggested, wondering what option he was going to choose.

“A meld would offer me a greater insight.” He knelt in front of the security officer holding his right hand half way to her face. He waited for some sort of acknowledgement before he committed to the Vulcan ritual.

"Proceed Doctor, I trust you." She said, "get ready for an emotional rollercoaster," she suggested with a grin. He was about to learn all about her personal life, and even a friendship that few of the staff knew about, a friendship with John Warren.

Rolvek proceeded, positioning his hand over Jasmines face. His index finger making contact with her temple, and his remaining fingers over other pressure point around her face. His fingers were now as close to the brain as they could be without ripping through the flesh. “My mind, to your mind” he begun, “my thoughts, to your thoughts. Our mind are merging, our minds are becoming one.”

There was no resistance, and almost instantly the connection was made. A flurry of emotion came over Rolvek. An audible sigh left his mouth, as he was overwhelmed by the security officers emotions and thoughts.

"This is my life on a good day, Doctor. As you can see a little more chaotic than the average human." She suggested as she appeared out of the sea of colorful imagery.

"The meditations help, but kolinahr out of the question. I like these emotions, and with meditations, I can keep them at bay. " she suggested, as an image of her practicing Vulcan meditation appeared.

Rolvek said nothing. Instead he continued his walk through Jasmines mind. He came across something. A man, unknown to Rolvek.

"Oh boy, let's stay away from that guy, you think my emotions are a out of whack, he is worse than T'vol." Jazzy said, as she started to walk in a different direction. She was trying to keep Zeke's feeling locked down, and away from her.

They started to walk towards another gentleman, this guy, the doctor may remember, Jasmine met him for the first time after their first game of Kal-toe. Jazzy focused in on him, the scenery changed. More of a pleasant scene, Jazzy and John were talking near a cliff side, they were smiling and looking like, they were enjoying each others company. "Our new Zambezi Squadron Commander, also my friend John Warren."

“You care for him a great deal, although I’m surprised the emotions he evokes are too difficult to control.” The doctor was near certain that John was not the reason Jazz was struggling.

"He is part of the reason, but your right, not the only reason." She said. Her mind started to flash with several images, she tried to slow them down.

Images of her family, images of Zeke, images of T'vol, images of the crew, the crew from her last assignment, the academy, a lot of personal friendships established. Most images seemed distant but John, Zeke and T'vol stood out, but the images of Zeke and T'vol, had images of other images in a different shade, "Liking John is allowing their emotions, their memories to rush into mine, its very taxing, my emotional blockers, the meditation are trying to compensate, he is the tip of the iceberg. I like him Doctor, I want to peruse him. But my emotional stability is being compromised. Maybe we can work on ways of enhancing my mental defenses, through meditation, or medication." She asked, waiting to see what Rolvek was going to offer as a possible solution.

“I do not believe that the root of the issue lays with Lieutenant Warren.” Rolvek offered no solution. “The other man is more prominent in your mind. Focus on him.”

"On Zeke Bagwell, I hope your mental barriers are strong, he is hard to to keep buried." Suggested Jazzy.

“I am sure I can cope.” Rolvek almost sounded offended. The emotional turmoil he was already subjecting himself to appeared to be taking hold of him a little.

"Well here goes nothing." Said Jazzy, as she shifted her mind on Zeke, an image of him came in more clearly.

Children crying, explosions all around them, and smoke started to fill her mind. A single tear went down her face. "Ezekiel, Jasmine, can you hear me," called out a voice. Her tone was panicked and scared, this was not like Teacher T'vol.

A younger version of Jazzy was laying on the floor, with a few cuts and bruises. "I was to weak to speak" she said, recalling this memory, trying to be a narrator, making it easier for Rolvek to follow along.

"Can you hear me," cried out T'vol.

"I have never heard Miss T'vol so scared in my life," said Jasmine as the tear continued to slow go down her cheek.

"Ezekiel, Jasmine, stay with us, I think we are loosing them." Said T'vol, panicking on the floor, kids crying on the floor, and 15 students already dead, in her class.

"I can not loose you two, stay with me," cried out T'vol. Her emotional state was compromised.

"She knew she was loosing us, she did what she felt was right," said Jasmine. Looking at T'vol as she walked over to the memory.

"My mind, to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts," said T'vol and Jazzy at the same time, a powerful flash of light, poured over the dream, it was clear that T'vol was trying to bond with two young dying students, in order to save them.

Rolvek was gasping for breathe. He felt as if the emotions were strangling him, or was it the image of smoke? “The bond.” The only two words he seemed able to say between breathes. “This...Ezekiel, where is he now?” The Vulcan knew instinctively that the question itself could be somewhat evasive to Zeke. None the less he felt it necessary.

"I'm not sure on his exact whereabouts, last I heard he was serving on a starship, the Yorktown, I believe. He shuts us out of his life, he is in tremendous pain, emotionally. " Said Jazzy, as she took a big breath, like Rolvek, she found it hard to breathe. In a way, she felt suffocated, trapped. She hated this feeling. But she did not hate him, she hated being connected to him.

The doctor broke off the meld. Gasping for a breathe, it took him a few moments to regain his posture. “I can prescribe you an anti-depressant that can act as a suppressant for the emotions you are experiencing.” He was cold in his delivery of advise. “You can not break the bond you have with Ezekiel. However you may wish to make contact with him. He would do well to follow your example of meditation. You may also wish to talk to Lieutenant Warren about what you are experiencing. I beleive there is an old earth saying ‘a problem shared, is a problem halved’. Although it is flawed, it does have an element of truth.”

When the meld was broken, it was sudden, and like Rolvek, she was gasping for her air as well. The bond she had was strong, and it was intense on anyone that melded with her. "At this point, I am willing to try anything, thank you Doctor. Sorry for any of my quirks that you may have to suffer for the next couple of hours, who knows, maybe I will have a few hours of peace and tranquility." She said with a small grin, trying to humorous again with her tone.

Rolvek swiftly moved out into the adjoining room without even a word. Only a moment later he returned with a hypo spray, along with a handful of canisters. “This should suffice for the next five days” he states pushing the spray to her neck and handing her the entire inventory of his hands, spray and all. “One dose every twenty four hours.”


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