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A friendly encounter

Posted on Wed Jan 24th, 2018 @ 8:29pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: USS Livingstone - Mess Hall
Timeline: MD21 1931

John had taken to spending his evenings in the Mess Hall. He was a social creature, and as of yet he hadn’t really had much luck finding friends. Sure, there were his other squad mates, but he was their superior officer. The Mess Hall seems like the most likely place to meet friends, not to mention get enough drink down him that it wouldn’t matter.

He was half way through his second glass of Andorrian ale when he noticed a facinating game between a Vulcan man and what appeared to be a human woman. The game didn’t look like anything he had ever played before, but the fact it was being played by a Vulcan told him it could well be a game of Kal Toe.

The Vulcan stood from the table, and almost instantly clocked John. “Lieutenant John Warren” the Vulcan announced as if he knew the pilot. But John did not know him. “You have not yet reported to sickbay for your medical. Please report to Sick Bay before duty tomorrow.” With these words the Vulcan left. There was no chance for response.

Johns curiosity peaked. He stood opposite the young lady who the Vulcan had just abandoned. “Did you win?” He asked brashly.

"No he won, he had to go, but if you hurry, you can catch him." She teased with a big grin. She smiled in his general direction, to see how he is going to react that the comment.

“Now why would I want to go chasing after some snooty old Vulcan when someone much more interesting is right in front of me?” John was almost flirtatious in his manner, as he returned the young ladies smile.

"Have a seat," she suggested with her hand. She liked his quick reply.

He sat down and offered out his hand. “Me’ names John Warren” he announced across the table.

"So do you always chase down the pretty girls at warp speed Mister Warren," she said with a big grin. Leaning into the table a little, but keeping her distance. She was being a little playful.

“Only the most beautiful.” He rested one arm on the table, turning to the side slightly. Somehow this made him appear more confident.

"A charmer, I like that." She grinned. She was curious though, was he just a big flirt, or was he being serious? Only time will tell, plus he was a good looking man. She was surprised they had not meet sooner.

“Well you have more than enough charm for the both of us, Miss?” It occurred to John that he had not learnt the young ladies name.

"Haynes, I mean Jasmine Haynes, my friends call me Jazz or Jazzy." She said, liking his vibe, a little strong, but in a playful manner. She was interested, but she was not going to let him know, he can suspect all he wants. She continued to wait toggle the bait, herself.

"your not that bad looking yourself Mister Warren," she said with a grin. She decided to flirt back, to see if he caved in, or continue to play this sizing up game. Even though she was interested, she was not that easy to get, but she was not a prude either. At the moment it was harmless flirting in her eyes.

John’s smooth tongue replied almost instantly. “Oh c’mon, compares to you I’m a Klingon Targ” he rose from the table “it’s been nice to meet you Jazz, I’ll see you around.” He gave a wink, accompanied by a smile and started his journey toward the door, at a slow pace.

"Goodnight," she said with a grin, as she watched his backside leave the room, and thought to herself, he had nice backside. She was intrigued by his sense of confidence, and the fact that he was a little flirtatious, but knew not to push to hard to fast. Admirable she thought.


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