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Posted on Thu Feb 15th, 2018 @ 9:52pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Corridors
Timeline: MD+22, 1800 Hours

Jazzy was wearing her gym outfit, she had just completed a one hour workout in the gymnasium, when she started to leave and head into the corridors, when she noticed him. She smiled, a little fatigued at first. She looked up and said, with a big grin on her face. "John, If we keep running into each other, people are going to talk."

Her heart was already accelerated from the workout, but she felt it beat just a little faster, when he approached, she could not believe it. A little bit of flirting last night, lead to hormones, being a little out of alignment. In other words, she had a physical connection at the chemical hormonal level. That was a strange feeling. John was not the first guy she had ever liked, but he was the first guy in a while.

John had been leisurely walking toward the holodeck. Unlike Jazz his heart was at a resting rate. That is until he saw her. He felt an attraction for her. But he also felt as if he was betraying Harkiea, just by having these feelings. His heart began to pound, as he attempted to decide on how to further the conversation she had begun with him. “Would that be such a bad thing?” He asked playfully.

"They are going to talk regardless," She said. She noticed he was not in uniform, and he was not dressed for the gym. "Normally I do not pry into the welfare of others, but...What are you up to tonight?" She asked, not really sure why she asked. They barely knew each other. But something made her ask.

“I’m off to the holodeck.” John chirped merrily. “Going to get behind the wheel of a 1980’s automobile.” He loved the thrill of anything he could race, and often lacked the understanding that not everyone shared his enthusiasm for speed.

"I have seen them in classic 21st century movies, you can actually drive one?" She asked, almost instantly feeling stupid for asking. He was a certified pilot, if he could fly a ship or a fighter, surely he can drive an automobile, or a car as the term was referred too in the 21st century.

“Sure...” John responded sounding somewhat confused. He felt as if for once a lady was giving him more attention than he was giving them. “Bet you could as well if you gave it a go. I can teach you some time, if you like?”

"I would hate to impose on your personal time," she suggested in an almost, please ask me to join you, tone of voice. She was had never been in automobile. She never saw a reason to recreate one. But if John, did not mind sharing his holodeck time, she would love to join him. A chance to be in automobile, sounded like fun.

It struck John that perhaps Jazzy was angling for an immediate driving lesson. She wasn’t very subtle. It wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but equally he didn’t want to seem like he was leading her on. Even if he wasn’t too sure if that was what he was doing at the moment. “C’mon then.” He gave a little side ways nod to illiterate that he wasn’t being fooled.

"Typically I like to shower and change over, but sure, why the hell not." She said with a grin. She was trying to contain her excitement, but she was not very good at it. The idea of traveling in an automobile, was exciting. "A convertible automobile?" She asked curiously. She wanted to feel the wind in her hair, and all cares behind them.

“Any car you like!” John replied, “if you wanted a bit of time to shower I won’t object.” John could sense the excitement oozing off of Jazz, it was almost tangible in the air. He had wondered what the excitement was for. Was it excitement over the idea of driving an ancient earth vehicle? Or was it over spending time with him? Either way the excitement took hold of him, like a welcomes contagious disease.

"I will be back soon, promise." She said, itching to get back to her quarters to snag a quick sonic vibe shower.

“See you on the holodeck.” John laughed, “holodeck one.”

10 minutes later.

Jazzy literally jumped into the sonic vibe shower, and then grabbed a sun dress pattern from her closet. And quickly got dressed. She did not want to miss out on, taking a ride in an automobile. She felt like a kid, trying to rush out the door. She barely got dressed and her hair brushed and placed in a pony tail, when she left her quarters and made a steady pace towards the holodeck.

John had spent his time setting up the program. Knowing his driving students desire to drive a convertible, he made it so. Ordering up a scenic Italian Road with plenty of twist and turns. The sort of road that would keep a driver on their toes, but with enough scenery to make for an enjoyable ride as a passenger.

The sound of the heavy doors echoed through his ears as the door appeared and opened in the middle of a hillside. He took in the sight of Jazz and smiled. He couldn’t understand why, but something about her presence just made him feel at ease. He almost felt a happiness around her which in recent times was hard to come by. “Who’s going to drive first?”

"You, I want to see how its done. It's one thing to watch it on a screen, but another to experience it first hand. I think I forgot to tell you, I love 21st century television, movies and music," she said, as she approached, but focusing on the hillside around them, and the road.

“Beautiful. Isn’t it?” Enquired John has he held the passenger door open for his guest. “The view that is. Although the car is beautiful in its own way too.”

The car itself was a red Porsche 911 taggra. It had a windscreen and a rear window but the roof in the center, over the seats, was missing. The bodywork was smooth and it appeared as if the car really belonged to the backdrop in which it sat.

The recreation of the Porsche 911 Taggra, was a beauty. Jazzy touched the car with her fingers, starting at the hood, as she watched John open the door for her. An old 21st century technique of being a gentleman. She liked it. "The car is amazing, you have good taste." She said, as she slide into the seat. With a warm smile, and warm tone towards him. He gently closed the door. She placed her right arm on the door frame.

Her eyes were exploring the craftsmanship of the car, the leather interior, the smooth colors, as they blended in nicely with the frame work of the car. Her other hand she placed on her lap. She then watched John walk around to the driver side.

Hopping himself into the drivers seat John turned the keys already in the ignition, allowing the engine to roar into action. “Thrill seeker? Or are you a nice tame gentle girl?” He asked, wondering how he should drive. Left up to him of course he would put his foot to the floor and bravely navigate cliff edge corners at speed.

"I'm here for the ride, but since you asked, I like thrill and excitement." She said, watching him start up the Porsche. She felt the vibration of the engine, as the Porsche fired up. The smile she had on her face, intensified. She heard the engine rev up, higher and higher, was he show boating a little? If so, good! The engine sounded amazing.

“Say no more.” A wide smile filled Johns face. It looked almost as if he was hatching a cunning plan. Revving the engine higher and higher, John released the hand break, shifting the car into first gear. They shit off down the road at speed. The wind rushing past their ears, and practically whipping their faces. John weaved the car in and out of the corners as if the vehicle was a part of him. He was showing off. Even he knew it, but he was in his element.

Jazzy noticed a pair of sunglasses on the dashboard, she reached for them. Partially to block the wind from hitting her face, and partially block the holographic sun. The rush, the excitement of it all. The Porsche was able to get up and go. The moment was exciting. She debated on reaching over to him, but he steering the wheel with one hand and shifting gears with the other. She did not want to interrupt him.

She sat back in her chair, and allowed the simulated wind to hit her face and her hair. The feeling was exhilarating. "John, thank you for this, I needed to get away, and glad you allowed me to tag along." She said very loudly. She was trying to talk over the wind.

John lifted his foot from the accelerator and allowed the car to slow to a speed where he could easily talk to his companion. “No worries.” John gave a long pause and continued to ask the question he was almost afraid to ask; “what is it you needed to get away from? If you don’t mind me asking?”

Jazzy was not sure she was ready to share her feelings about, being tied into the emotional stability with two other personal. She loved them like family, but like family, they can be a little overwhelming at times. She knew John wanted an answer, so she gave a simple answer. "Just life, sometimes you need to get out on the open road and feel free, ever felt that way?" She asked, turning her head and body to face him. She had a smile on her face, she was enjoying the moment in the car with him.

The pilot pulled the car over to the side of the road, and he himself turned to face Jazz, so they could talk face to face. “All the time.” He admitted more openly than he had thought he would. He could feel himself welling up as his thoughts turned to the events he wished to escape. Attempting to hide his emotions from Jazzy, he picked his voice up to a chirp. “Fancy a go at driving?”

Jazzy gave a slight laugh. "I have never driven an automobile, maybe next time you can teach me, today let's enjoy the open road. It's nice you know, having a friend, who can understand the desire to get out on the open road and be free." She suggested. She wondered what he was thinking. He was looking into her eyes, as she was doing to him.

John found it hard to break the gaze. He found himself leaning in slightly, maintaining the eye contact. As he moved forward his arm began to raise.

Suddenly he caught himself. He almost instantly turned away and put his hands back on the wheel. With an air of awkwardness he spoke. “Let’s keep going then.”

Jazzy noticed he was leaning in, but then pulled away. She wondered if she said something, maybe subconsciously gave him a look. She was not sure if she wanted to kiss him, but she was not pulling away. She was curious, to see if their was a spark. She hoped he pulled away, trying to be respectable. She could appreciate that, but she knew it would be her turn to make a move, she needed a subtle hint. Even though she was she was seat belted, she leaned in closer.

She felt the Porsche accelerate again, she found it a adorable and frightening that he literally put the brakes on making a move. She leaned a little closer to him and extended her arm behind his seat, and raked his hair with her fingers. She hoped he was not to distracted by this move.

He was used to destructions whilst piloting, and driving a car was no different. He glanced over at Jazzy for a brief moment, not wanting to take his eyes off the road for too long. He smiled, before returning his attention to driving. The car came out of a bend into a long straight, and as it did Johns right hand slipped away from the wheel and he brushed Jasmines arm for a few moments. It was his way of saying he approved of the move she had made.

She was not really sure what to say at first, his reaction made her smile. She had not been close to anyone in a long while. It was nice to have someone show a little affection. They continued to drive for a little bit. She thought to herself, what a perfect moment. A nice Sunday style drive. She was finally living out a movie scene, that she had watched several times. She thought to herself, a small stroll on the beach would be the perfect ending, or parking on the hillside and watching the sun set, while enjoying wine and cheese and crackers along with some grapes. But she had a feeling this was not, what John had in mind when he made the holodeck reservation.

The fact was, the thrill of driving at speed was all John had in mind. He had already adjusted the program from a race track, to the mountaineers Italian range. He couldn’t explain why, but he really wanted to impress this woman. He was enjoying his time with her, but all the while felt an element of guilt.

Having driven, and talked for some hours, it came time leave. John pulled himself out of the car and went to open the passenger side door for Jazzy, offering her his hand as he did.

She took his hand, and smiled as she got out of the car. "Why thank you, john." She said, allowing him to be a little old fashion and polite. Typically now days, everyone is a in a hurry and eager to get from point a to point b. She was not sure what he had in mind. Was this the end of the improve get-together? She debated, if it was, does she give him a hug? Anything more could appear to be to desperate, and she was content being alone.

Dealing with Zeke being a little on edge about the return of Anna in his life, was throwing her off a little. Typically all three of them were mostly stable. But with Anna coming back in Zeke's life, and Jazzy possibly opening the door for John to be in her life, she felt a little overwhelm, but in a good way. It was a lot to process at the moment.

Calling for the program to end, John walked Jazz out of the now empty room. It almost felt like he waking up from a dream, except a significant part of his dream remained by his side. The pair walked to the turbolift which took them to the deck on which both of their quarters resided. “Well this is me,” John said with a sound of disappointment as they reached his door.

Jazzy was a little nervous, was he going to invite her in, she was not ready for that, she was already formulating ways of saying no nicely. "I have had a great time, John." She said, keeping a little distance from his door way, she smiled nervously, not sure what was about to transpire.

John leant forward and planted his lips against Jazz’s cheek. “Same time next week?”

A sigh of relief poured over her, but it quickly went a way, a feeling of warmth and happiness replaced it. John was acting like a true gentleman. She smiled, as stood there looking at him. "I would like that," she said as she started to walk away.


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