NCC - 86105
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Landing Plan

Posted on Fri Feb 9th, 2018 @ 12:08pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes & Lieutenant Rolvek



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Day 40 1255

James looked around the table at his officers. It had been several days since the approach plan had been settled.

“Officers,” He paused to make sure he had their attention. He then pressed a button on the Padd in front of him. A visual of the Lippershey system appeared on the screen inserted in wall at the end of the table.

“The task, we have to approached Lippershey 2 with out been seen.” James looked at the screen.

The Lippershey system was made from a large sun with 5 planets. The Livingstone’s target planet was the second in the system and the only inhabited. It had to large moons in orbit.”

“The issue we have is this, we only have a sketchy idea of where the telescope is located. We need some ideas.”

“We can use Lippershey 4 as a shield,” Lieutenant Warren piped up whilst gazing at the display. “They are almost at the same place in their orbits, hiding behind Lippershey 4 would bring us close bough to shuttle in. It’s possible the shuttles could be detected, but they are much smaller craft, and I doubt the planets telescope technology has advanced that far just yet.”

"Sounds reasonable." James commented

Akelia stood and tapped the screen again and it zoomed onto a location that was isolated from the major cities by about 200 Kilometres. "This is zulu point, our rally stage. Marine engineers will build us a concealable holographic readout while recon provides perimeter warning.

"Our undercover team will head out from there and locate the telescope. At this point we need to decide who will consist of that team. Suggestions," she looked around the room.

"I think First Lieutenant Tom Hawthorne's Force Recon Team is ready for a recon assignment of this magnitude. While they are providing intelligence, we can move our security forces and his infrantry troops into position, as a precaution." Suggested Jazzy, hoping he would not mind that she was speaking on his behalf.

"Recon can do local checks of nearby towns and villages and a few can be detached to the undercover team. But we need a large enough number of marines at the readout to maintain a proper watch. Do you have any in security you would recommend to the undercover team?" Akelia.

"My team, is up for the task." She said, she reviewed their weapons performance testing. If they went into a combat situation they would be prepared. She had worked with them in recon techniques, there scores were passible, but barely. Tom's was better suited, but they could get the job done.

James shuffled in his chair. "I unsure that a large number of marines is necessary. The more crew on the planet, the more the risk of contamination of the planet's development. "

"Undercover party will consist of no more than 6. recon will use cloaking suits and not go further than a 2 kilometer radius from the readout," Akelia said.

James nodded his reply, the ship would have to set up a forward operating base to be able to unload the wagons and animals.

"OK, you'll receive your orders with in 24 hours."


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