NCC - 86105
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We have arrived at Lippershey 2

Posted on Sat Feb 10th, 2018 @ 4:38pm by Commander James Stevenson



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Main Bridge
Timeline: Day 76 1700

James sat forward in his chair watching the view screen in front of him. The bridge crew around him were all at their stations, he felt as though he could feel the concentration in the room as if the atmosphere was alive with charged particles.

After 8 weeks in transit the Livingstone was reaching her destination. The approach vector had taken them in to the Lippershey system on the opposite side of the sun to their target planet, at this point the ship had come out of warp and then, using the forth planet as a shield they had crept around in it’s orbit for 2 weeks waiting for the opportunity to make the leap from the forth planet, then keeping the Lippershey 2’s largest moon between the ship and the planet they had made the final step.
The extra time on the approach had given the away teams to train. The plan was laid out, the Zambezi Squadron would be used to ferry the landing parties and their equipment down to the surface. This would be Lieutenant John Warren first test in charge of the squadron and James was sure he was up to the task.

There would be a lot of coming and going, firstly Lieutenant Tom Hawthorne's Marine Force Recon Team would secure a landing zone. The site, James decided on was deep in a boreal forest and was 3 kilometres from the nearest track, then another 5 kilometres to the edge of the forest and the first settlement the crew would come across. James had authorised the marines to recon the local area. However, Akelia would be in charge on the planet and take charge of the landing party.

Once the Zulu point was secure the marines and engineers will build a concealable holographic readout. Eric would be able to organise this.

“Approaching the moon, slowing to quarter impulse” The helms man said. James watched as the moon began to fill the view screen.

James was confident that the crew would be able to set up a forward operating base however once on the planet the mission would change in to one of discovery. According to Kanery at the cultural briefing the most likely town to have the telescope was Metius, it was the king of the that region that had calmed to have seen the moon. The issue was that the major city was 200 Kilometres from the landing site.

An undercover team had been established, after Rolvek has carried out any facial surgery that was necessary and disguised as minstrels they would travel on foot to Metius. Kollin would have to go as she was the only crew member who could tame the Andorian bulls who would pull the ladder wagons which had been expertly crafted by Eric.

“In position sir” The helms man said turning to face James.

“Keep us here. We have to make sure the moon is between us and the planet at all times.” James replied. He could see the helm tapping on to the console setting the orbit.

James typed on to the Padd mounted on his chair, giving him a ship wide broadcast.

“We have arrived at Lippershey 2”


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