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The drop off

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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Runabout
Timeline: MD 77 - 0830

“Runabout prepped and ready for launch.” John said aloud as he finished the pre-flight checks. He awaited the comm officers response. Not a moment went by before he had got it. “You are cleared for departure”.

With those words John tapped the flight console and allowed the craft to lift from the ground by only a foot. Tapping the console once more and the stars beyond the shuttle bay doors started becoming closer. John counted down in his head the seconds until he would pass the doors into the darkness of space. 3, 2, 1, they had cleared the launch doors. “We have cleared the Livingstone,” John reported “going to dark mode.” John tapped a panel above his head and the lights on both the interior and exterior went out. The only light source now was from the control panels that surrounded him. This was a planned strategy, it would be more difficult to see the landing craft from a telescope this way. Providing of course John was able to stick to the shadows and not place the runabout between the planet and another light source.

The craft rounded Lippershey 2’s moon, behind which the Livingstone was hiding, and their target came into sight. “Computer,” the Pilot began “scan the landing area for life signs.” The last thing he had wanted to do is land in the middle of a group of night time ramblers. “There are no life signs within the designated landing area.” The computer reported to both Johns frustration and relief. “Computer, scan the area around the landing sight at a radius of 3 kilometres, are there any life signs there?” The computer took a split second to answer “Negative”.

Finally John felt he could relax. Sitting back in his seat and allowing the craft to do the work. Occasionally leaning forward to make minor course adjustments.

After three long minutes the time had come for John to stop twiddling his thumbs, and begin his final approach to Lippershey 2. A slight bump could be felt as the runabout hit the planets atmosphere, a usual experience. Tapping at the internal comm’s panel to his side John addressed his passengers. “We are on final approach, get ready to get the hell outta here.”

John brought the craft down through the darkened night sky. His speed was greater than it would usually be for a landing, but he didn’t want to hang about to be spotted. He counted down again as the surface hit ever closer, this time over the internal comm link. “3, 2, 1” Thud! The runabout touches the ground. “Go, Go, Go.” John instructed as he released the exterior hatches. 30 quick seconds went by before John heard the drop team commanders voice. “Clear.” With that one simple word, it was time to leave. As John brought the runabout off the ground, he admired the sight of the first landing party below him. Turning the nose to face the sky, he was gone.


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