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Its game time

Posted on Wed Feb 21st, 2018 @ 7:26pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Shuttle Bay/Runabout
Timeline: MD 77 @ 0845 Hours

“How we are looking chief?” Asked Jazzy, as she decided to lead the recon team herself. The chief was the armory specialist, and they were all being assigned sniper rifles and drones. There was a four person team, consisting of a low ranking crewman, Master Chief Daniel Macmanus and Ensign Simon Yost.

“Inventory complete, we have enough supplies for a week long mission,” said Chief Macmanus.

“Let’s hope not, I don’t want to eat rations for a week,” said Simon, not really liking the idea of ration bars. Sure they were filled with all the ingredients you need to survive, but they were not very tasty.

Jazzy chuckled but did not say a word, when she a message on the intercom. The runabout was on approach to the shuttle bay. Her team was next, “Alright boys, grab your gear, time to go.” Said Jazzy. There primary role was recon, to be an early warning system, while the marine combat engineers make a holographic base.

Jazzy watched from the shuttlebay main bay window as John landed the runabout, “That’s our ride, move out.” Ordered Jazzy as they walked into the shuttle bay. The bay was pressurized. She could see John busy at the controls of the cockpit.

Her team boarded his runabout, Jazzy made her way to the cockpit area, and so did her team, after they stored their gear, in the aft compartment. She hoped John did not mind, but she took the co-pilot seat next to him. “Ready to leave at your discretion, Lieutenant.” She said with a smile and a small wink.

John maintained his professionalism. He was not one for allowing his personal life any where near his work life. “Understood Lieutenant,” he answered her before tapping the comm. “Runabout, prepped and ready to go.” The response was quick “clear to depart”. John began to move his fingers over the control causing the vessel to lift a glide elegantly out into space.

Jazzy could hear team talking about the mission perimeters. She listened in and allowed them to go through the plan.

"We are setting down here," Simon said, as he pointed to a location on a padd he was holding up. "Chief, you will set up our communication up link to the Livingstone, while you and I, will set up two observation posts, here and here," said Simon as he pointed out their separate areas to the low ranking security officer.

The security officer nodded, and Simon went on. "Ma'am, you have the fun job bouncing back between the three of us," said Simon. Not really liking the fact they were exposing their commanding officer. Simon kept telling himself, this is a simple recon mission, no combat, she will be fine.

"The up-link will take a few minutes to set up, but once it does, we will squak on this frequency," said the Chief as he handed a padd to Jazzy. She showed the padd to John.

“Seems legit” offered John, wondering why his opinion mattered or whether this was just a way of making sure he knew how to make contact with Jazzy.

"I don't see any complications with our mission perimeters, but I just want to make sure you had the coordinates incase of a hot extraction." She suggested as she continued on, and focusing her attention at her team.

"This should go by the numbers, gentleman, we go in we set an observation, and we wait for the combat engineers to build their observation command center, then we bug out." Said Jazzy.

Simon had a strange sensation it would not be that simple, but the mission itself had a pretty simple objective.

“You guys get all the fun!” Jested John, “I just get to play a transport pilot for a few days.” It wasn’t that he despised his duties, but he had hoped for more excitement.

She looked to John, she could tell that he was trying to be professional. But it was clear, he wanted to go with them. She could only imagine how bored he must have felt. Flying everyone back and forth. "I would not be so sure, you get to fly back and forth, we get to lay low, on the ground and spy on the settlement. I would gladly switch positions." She suggested with a small wink that only he could see.

“I’d rather be where ever you are.” John muttered under is breathe, hopping he wasn’t heard. But the words were true he had grown attached to Jazzy, and the thought of being away from her seemed to leave an emptiness inside of him. He turned and gave her a smile before he went full professional mode again. “Coming around the the moon now, going to dark mode”. With this he flicked off the lighting, so only the stars and the consoles lit the cabin.

Jazzy watched as the lights started to flicker, the runabout was rigged to go dark, there was a slight hum from the power systems. "No unnecessary conversations from this point," said Jazzy as she looked at her team. They were ready, and she was very proud of them.

John gave a side ways glance at Jazzy. Was she insinuating that he couldn’t pilot the runabout with background chatter? Or was it simply that it felt more stealthy to remain quiet. He couldn’t help himself, “you know they won’t hear us from the ground right?”

"It's game time, Lieutenant Warren, time to get our game faces on." She said with a wink. She wanted her team to prepare for the long haul of silence, that awaited them. She looked at her team, they went silent. They all sat in their perspective chairs and waited for the runabout to touch down.

John understood, and took in his own form of silence. As the minutes went past he scanned the landing area, just as he had done on the previous drop run. Everything was clear except for the presence of a small group of inhabitants a few miles from the landing site. This was expected and he continued with the planned landing. “Get ready for the drop off”. He ordered bu a minute before landing.

"Thanks for the lift, see you on the flip side." She said, as she watched her team leave the runabout cockpit area, but she left she leaned in and whispered, “I'll see you after the mission ends.” She said with a wink, and then left.

The mission couldn’t end quick enough for John. He attempted to keep his posture, and professionalism, even though the cockpit had now emptied out. “3, 2, 1.” The runabout juddered ever so slightly as John brought it smoothly to the ground, immediately flicking the switch to allow his passengers to leave. “Go, Go, Go!”.

Jazzy heard the go ahead order, and the door to turbolift opened. The team left the runabout in a sprint like fashion. Jazzy walked to the cockpit area and tapped on the hull, she looked to join and gave him a thumps up motion.

John allowed the craft to lift from the ground. He couldn’t help but lean forward to try and get one more glymps of the woman to which he had grown so fond. Spotting her he smiled, before he hit the controls and was gone.


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