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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: John Warrens Quarters
Timeline: MD 22 - 2112 (directly after “decisions”)

As the door to Johns quarters slid closed behind him, closing the door on Jazzy. John gave a loud sigh as he hung his head down as he was overcome by a great deal of shame. The time he had with Jazzy which could be explained as little less than a date was a betrayal of Harkiea, assuming she was still alive. By now some months had passed, since her disappearance, her presumed death. But John held on to the belief she was still alive.

He had let his belief slip. But for what? To appease his own desire for a relationship with a woman that had caught his eye? He had always been a flirt, but this was something more. It bothered him. His heart felt like it had gained extra weight in his chest.

Still standing only a few feet away from the door John lurched to the side slightly with his thirst clenched, punching the edge of his desk with all his might, as his regret turned to anger. Anger at himself, at Harkeia’s captors, at the lack of knowledge.

His outburst caused his anger to turn to pain. Not only to his fist, but also internally. He couldn’t see any way to get through this. What if his love from the Cross never turned up. He could be living his life waiting for her, and never move on. She wouldn’t have wanted that, would she?

But then what if she turned up tomorrow? Star Fleet records already presumed her dead, but the evidence stacked that this might not be the case.

He made up his mind. He will live in the today, and deal with his regrets, and his decisions tomorrow. He would pursue Jazzy, and if needs be make those heavy decisions later. The choice between two women, he knew could be around the corner for him. But for now his choice seemed clear.


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