NCC - 86105
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Training Exercise

Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2018 @ 1:14am by 2nd Lieutenant Holt Southland



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: just before arrival at Lippershey

The humidity had been suffocating Holt for hours, the bead of sweat down the back of his neck joined the other thousand that was pooling on his back. The air clung to him, unrelenting, he couldn’t stop constantly checking on his vitals through his optical implants. He felt a swat at the back of his head, it was his commander, Thomas Hathorne, a great leader in Holt’s eyes. Strict but fair at the same moment.

“Eyes forward marine,” Hathorne said under his breath to Holt. Holt had been lying prone, eyes down the barrel of a phase rifle for the better half of 4 hours, waiting for his target to exit the building, readjusting his body for another time, his commbadge vibrated under the stealth mode that was in effect with the 42nd. “Target moving in the pig pen.” Holt, breathed a sigh, the call was the just another in the long line of surveillance that the troop was reporting.

A glimmer out of a window altered Holt to the movement as the target passed. “Target exiting pig pen” the commbadge buzzed again. Holts grip tightened on the rifle, scanning the area he picked up a slight oddity.

A soft tap on Hathorne’s leg and a subtle point in the direction of the disturbance alerted his commander, who in returned passed along several instructions to rest of the team. From his vantage point he saw the rest of the marines move in to secure the target, his rifle still focusing on the shimmer near a set of crates.

Within seconds of the shimmer moving and the marines around the crates all reacted in unison, phaser rifles raised and aimed at the shimmer. Flashes of light alerted the target to the presence of the disturbance.

Hathorne’s voice echoed through the scene “End program” The humid scene evaporated into the yellow and black room. Holt stood up and stretched. “Well that went well,” His voice dripped with sarcasm as he saw a flash of disappointment in Hathorne’s eyes.

“Fall in Marines” called Holt, waiting for the rest of the team to form two straight lines. Before Hathorne could get a word in the ship wide comms came to life, “we have arrived at Lippershey 2.” All the marines followed as Hathorne motioned towards the door.

The excitement in Holt was hard to contain as the adrenaline started to pump, his first active assignment on the Livingstone.


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