NCC - 86105
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Chalk 13 Beasts of Burden

Posted on Thu Feb 22nd, 2018 @ 10:47pm by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant JG Kollin Igh & Ensign Jacob MaCall



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Holodeck 3
Timeline: Day 82 20:30

As Kollin headed towards the Holodeck she heard the familiar quickening steps of Jacob behind her. She nodded to herself and felt a camaraderie between them that she had not felt since arriving on the ship. They had worked well together and Jacob's creative use of the holodeck had proved invaluable in helping habituate the oxen to the Lippershey 2 environment.

Jacob's fingers danced across the keypad as the holodeck door opened. He inwardly smiled as he entered, smelling the pasture and wooded area that he had painstakingly programmed. Kollin and himself moved towards the oxen and began to herd them through the pasture they were grazing on and up towards a wooded hill.

Kollin stealthily walked amongst the oxen; they were accustomed to her odour and rarely troubled by her presence. Jacob had created an identical barn in the holodeck to the one they would arrive at on Lippershay 2 and they were nearing its entrance. The first oxen seemed to stall but the momentum of the five others from behind kept it moving into the barn. The sound of Jacob's Utelf soon worked its magic and with a thunderous noise the oxen slumped to the floor; even Kollin struggled to keep alert.

With the cattle slumbering Jacob took out the hyperspray containing enough anaesthetic for all the beasts. This would give them enough time to teleport the cattle into a modified Type-9 shuttle craft and transport them to the planet. Jacob pressed his comms badge "Two personnel and six cattle ready for teleportation to Chalk 13"

Kollin had never relished the buzzing sensation she felt on being transported ... however she was entirely focused on the task at hand. The pilot's announcement brought her out of her reverie "Cargo aboard and ready for take-off"; Kollin noted the ship was not built for comfort!

As the shuttlecraft accelerated and left the confines of the USS Livingstone.After several minuets the pilot announced in a cool manner "External lights off, leaving the moons's shadow." she watched the moon receding in the distance. A short while later the pilot announced that they had begun to enter the atmosphere of the Lippershey 2 planet.

Jacob felt the shuttle shudder as it entered the atmosphere. Once through the outer reaches the craft began to slow to a hovering position "Two kilometres above the landing site, coordinates locked in, two personnel and six animals to beam down" he heard the pilot say. Kollin looked at him and nodded and in her gruff Klingon voice said the order to put them onto the planet "Energise". A second later Jacob, Kollin and the sleeping cattle found themselves in the barn which the ship's marine engineers has built within the disguised compound, Redout.

As Kollin prodded one of the beasts the others also began to stir. She looked up satisfyingly to Jacob and whispered abruptly "The wagons need checking ... i'll return shortly", she hesitated at the door of the barn and with a frown, more to herself ... continued on her way.

With that oxen still sleeping Jacob checked is Tricorder, according to the reading the cattle would be asleep for another 5 hours. The Tricorder as well has his combadge which would be used to beam the away team out in an emergency, were the only pieces of Star fleet equipment he was aloud to carry. He was somewhat relived to carry the badge as this contained the universal translator.

Jacob clawed in to the corner of the barn where he hoped to get a few hours sleep before day brake and the start of expedition.


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