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One night in Paris, Part 1.

Posted on Fri Mar 2nd, 2018 @ 10:16pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes
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Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD 27 - 1800

John adjusted collar to his casual shirt. He wanted everything to be just perfect, and had already made sure his venue of choice was ready and satisfactory.

Leaving his quarters he strode along the Corridor to Jazzy’s Quarters. He had already asked the computer to confirm her location. As he arrived he straightened out his shirt again and pushed his thumb nervously against the chime. He wasn’t expected, and he only hoped he would be received well.

Jazzy was sitting on her sofa, she was reading a novel. Curled up in a blanket. She was enjoying a little down time, at the moment Ensign Simon Yost, was suppose to be on his way over to drop off a data pad. A simple report regarding last night's duty shift, nothing really to report on it. Just as simple routine for her to review it, and sign off on it.

"Enter," she called out, as she continued to read from her novel. She did not bother to look up, she just called out. "Just place the padd on the desk, thanks Mister Yost." She said, not really sure why he wanted to personally delivery the reports in person.

“Well if your expecting someone, I can always come back.” John joked, hoping not to actually be sent away.

"John," she called out in excitement. She smiled as she jumped off the couch, trying to straighten up her hair. She was not expecting him. it had been a few days since they last saw each other.

John smiled and held in a laugh at her reaction. It was exactly the sort of reaction he had hoped for. She seemed excited to see him, although maybe a little flustered at being caught off guard.

The intercom buzzed again. She walked over to the door. She opened the door. Grabbed the padd, and gave a half smile and said "thanks, go away." She said, as she spun around and gave a whole hearted smile, "John."

“You are truley pleasant to your staff ain’t ya.” John chuckled, taking in the site of Jazz. Somehow he found her more beautiful than he had ever done before.

"What brings you by, work related or non work related?" She asked, hoping it was not work related. She had enjoyed their last trip on the holodeck, she hoped he wanted to continue their friendship. She noticed he was looking good, and not in his uniform, so she was hopeful.

“Have you eaten?” John hoped the answer was no, but was prepared for any possibility. He was nothing if not maticulas in his planning.

"Now that you mention it, no." She said, with a smile. She loved the idea. But she felt bad, she was not as dressed up as him. She did not want to go out like this, "seems like your always catching me off guard, do you mind if I hop in the shower and freshen up, need like 5 minutes." She asked, hoping he would not mind.

John felt awkward. Of course he didn’t mind her taking the 5 minutes she needed, but hanging around her Quarters didn’t seem appropriate. Neither did leaving. “Of course,” John started. “Would you me to come back?”

"Your more than welcome to stop by, please make yourself at home, I will be back before you know it." She said, walking out of the room. She was still in her soft cozy fleece pajama's.

John sat down awkwardly on the couch. He felt as if he was a teenager waiting for his high school date to get ready. The more he thought about it the situation wasn’t too far removed. He looked over toward Jazz.

She started to walk towards her shower area, luckily had a door on it, she opened the closet, and grabbed a dress, she thought this would work. She then looked at John. "I'm glad you stopped by, I promise I won't be long," she said. Hoping he would not leave the room.

“Take as long as you need.” His words were only half sincere, in reality he didn’t want to rush her, but he also wanted to put an end to the unease he felt. He explored the room with his eyes, noticing a lathe number of what looked to be Vulcan candles. John found it strange but thought perhaps it was that she just found them to be nice ornaments.

Jazz thought to herself, he is a talker, okay this might work out to her advantage. If she could engage him in conversation, he would more than likely feel at ease and wait for her. "I only need a few minutes," she said as she stripped out of her clothes and placed them on the little counter top table sink.

She walked over to her sink, which was not very far, the bathroom's were very tiny. The walls were so thin, they could have a conversation from the bathroom to main room.

“Are those Vulcan candles?” John enquired, attempting to show Jazz his interest.

"Yes they are," she said, she was not sure how to open this can of worms topic, but this was as any other time. "I use them for Vulcan meditation." She said, as turned on the vibe shower, and stepped in. The pulses from the vibe shower felt good.

“Isn't that supposed to be to purge emotions?” John enquired, concerned that she might have been putting on a persona for him thus far.

She washed up as fast as she could, "Yes, typically but they can be used to control emotional stability." She said, purging was the popular thing to do on Vulcan, if you were Vulcan. However several aliens lived on Vulcan, so they adapted and created programs to help alien cultures that wanted to find emotional stability and clarity.

Jazzy needed stability. She was not sure how he was going to react to that news, she continued to later herself, and then moved onto her hair. Waiting for his response, which seemed to be taken forever.

John dwelled on her words for a moment. He knew himself the need for stability, and figured Jazz had suffered something that had caused her some distress in her past. “We all need some stability from time to time.” He said trying to sound non-judgemental.

She stopped the shower and started to dry off, and getting dress as fast as she could. She walked out, still drying out her hair, and walked over to a shelf near her bed, and grabbed a brush. Looking at him. Trying to read his facial expressions.

As John watched on, he started to realize he was relaxed. In that moment it was as if the room didn’t exist. It was just the two of them.

Johns mouth opened slightly, as he was about to offer to brush her hair for her. He quickly closed it realizing it would be far too forward and felt the awkwardness fill him again. He started gazing back round the room. “I don’t suppose you could teach me this meditation stuff?” John knew in himself he needed stability. What’s more is he knew it would be an excuse to spend more time with Jazz.

"Yes I suppose I can, but I am no Vulcan Master, I would suggest you talk to Doctor Rolvek about how long you should meditate. We all have different levels of emotional instabilities. But I can try to help, it would be nice to have a partner, and my place is already set up." she said, knowing that he would be a distraction. And it would be hard for her to focus on meditation and remaining quiet. But she liked him, and wanted to spend more time with him.

John didn’t cherish the idea of spending any amount of time with a Vulcan, but he thought it might be worth it, if it meant he could get a grip on the emotions that had been weighing him down. Not to mention if it meant he got more time with Jazzy. “I will speak to him some time tomorrow.” He smiled. “You ready?”

"Yes," she said still brushing out her hair, and grabbing a scrunchy to put her hair in a pony tail. "So where are going for dinner?" She asked, she was not sure what John had planned, but she was game for almost anything. "I should warn you, I am allergic to mushrooms." She said.

“I thought we could go back to the holodeck,” John stated with a proud smile on his face. “I prepared some food earlier. Nothing replicated, all hand made by myself. You’ll be glad to know there is not a mushroom in site.”

"A cook, I'm impressed. Can not wait to sample what you have prepared." She said, wondering what other hidden talents he had. She wanted to learn more about him. She barely knew anything, but this was a good chance to change that.

“You haven’t tasted it yet.” He jested, “when you grow up on an antiquated freighter, you learn to cook, or suffer with synthesised ration packs.”

He walked toward the door allowing it to part gracefully before him. Turning slightly to wait for Jazz to catch up.

Jazzy walked over to John, and grabbed his arm around his bicep. "I hope this okay," she said, leaning in a little closer.

John said nothing but instead just gave a smile and nod, as he started to lead the way to the holodeck.

5 minutes later.

Upon arrival John tapped quickly at the external panel to load the program and retrieved a makeshift device from his pocket, swiping his finger up across the face of what looked to be a control interface. “Shall we?” He asked holding his arm back out for Jazz to take.

Jazzy took his arm with a big grin on her face. She stood their for a moment, wondering what magical adventure did John plan for today? She debated to reach for his hand, but wondered if that was little to soon. linking arms at this stage, seemed more appropriate.

The heavy doors opened slowly and noisily revealing a small balcony beyond them, with a view over Paris. More specifically over the Eiffel Tower, it was dark, and the city and tower were lit in an array of yellow lights. Upon the balcony sat a single candle, and cutlery set up for the two of them. John led Jazz inside and pulled out a chair for her to sit down.

Jazzy walked into the room, arm and arm with John, she lead the way and towards the balcony. "You took me to Paris," she said with a big smile on her face. She was impressed, her heart raced a little. The scenery was perfect, there was stars in the background, with the Eiffel Tower as well. She wanted to walk over to the balcony, but John motioned for her to sit down. He was pulling out all the stops.

Johns face lit up, noticing Jazzy’s reaction. He genuinely thought he may have over done it. But now seeing Jazzy’s face he knew what he had planned was perfect. After having sat Jazz down he sat down opposite, and took a look around at his program.

Such a romantic scene, the single candle on the balcony was a nice touch. "Thank you, John. You made my day, I am touched you went through all of this effort. Sincerely touched." She said, reaching cross the table to grab his hand, now seemed to be the appropriate time to grab his hand. Her heart was racing, and emotions of joy poured through her.

He accepted her hand, his own heart beating at double its usual pace. “I’m glad you like it. Are you hungry? Or do you just want to take in the view for a while?”

“I am a little hungry", she said. Which was a understatement. Her heart racing, was making her very hungry. She did want to say that, so she hinted that she was a little hungry. The romantic scenery of this place was a lot to take in. John had gone all out for this improve date. She liked the fact, that he planned a special getaway for the two of them.

She hoped they would have time to talk after dinner. She wondered what he had whipped up for them, for dinner. "After dinner, I would love to take in the view with you over there at the balcony." She suggested, hoping she was not being to forward.

“Of course.” He gave a warm smile before lifting his hands above his head and clapping them twice sharply. A door to the end of the balcony swing open and a waiter came out carrying a tray containing two covered plates and a bottle of wine. The waiter placed the contents of the tray in front of them and removed the metal covers revealing the food beneath before pouring out the wine into glasses.

“Here we have chicken in white wine sauce, with new potatoes and green beans. Courtesy of the ships hydroponic garden.” He said proudly, but with a hint of hope in his words.

"Hopefully Lieutenant Westbrook won't mind us taking a few of his green beans." She said with a grin and in a teasing manner.

“I don’t suppose he will miss them.” John chuckled.

"Great presentation on the main course, you are truly talented John." She said, grabbing her fork, and taking a small portion of potatoes and tasted how golden and crisp they tasted. The taste and textures in her mouth where an explosion of flavor.

“Thanks.” John blushed, not eating his own meal but instead watching Jazz tuck into hers, in anticipation for her verdict.

She grabbed a small amount of green beans and then the chicken. The meal was prefect. "That is delicious," she said, wanting to devour the plate, but being all lady like, and taking small bites, and eating all proper like.

John smiled and picked up his own fork, “I’m not sure it’s all that.” He began to eat plucking up the courage to say what he wanted to say. His lithium seemed to take forever to swallow, although it was only a matter of seconds. “Erm” he started, “I wanted to bring you out tonight because, well, because I really like you. And I think you like me. Or maybe not, but I wanted you to know how I feel at least.” He continued rambling. “I mean I know it’s probably too soon, too quick. But well you know...” he finally stopped realising that he was jittering on like a bafoon. “I’m sorry.” He finished lowering his head to look at his plate.

She was confused by his response, it was a little jumbled, she noticed he was trying to say something, but he also seemed to think it was wrong to like someone too. Jazzy was not sure what she could do to help him. She decided her best course of action, was to address his concerns.

"You like me, feelings for me?" She rhetorically asked, with a big grin. It was a nice feeling. John liking her as much as she liked him. She was not a lone in thinking it was a little soon, but what the heart wants, the heart wants!

“Well, yeah.” John responded pushing green beans around his plate, with his fork. He was sure he had just ruined a perfect evening.

"I like you too, I was hoping the feelings were mutual." she said reaching out with her left hand to hold his. She gave it a hard squeeze, trying to make eye contact with him. Then with her right hand she took a sip of the wine.

John looked up in response to what he had heard and to the squeeze of his hand. His eyes met with Jazz’s. Time seemed to stand still as he lost himself in her beautiful blue eyes. He gave a sigh of relief. “Thanks.” He said smiling, “you know, when I’m with you, life seems better somehow.”

Jazzy was awe struck at his comment. No one had ever told her that. A short time ago they were flirting, and now they were taking things a little more seriously. A little fast, but strangely she did not mind. She wondered what he meant by better. "I am happy to hear that, I enjoy spending time with you. Seeing you, always brings a smile to my face a and warmth to my heart." She said, almost forgetting they still had to eat. She took a few more bites, as she waited for him to respond.

Those smiles were one of the things John admired most. He wondered if they were absent outside of his presence. “Well I’m not sure how I’m going to top Star lit Paris, but let’s make sure we keep those smiles comming.” He jested.

"Paris is amazing, but you don't need to top this, you need to have a few first moments, I think we are having one of those moments now." She did not offer any further insights, to what she meant by that.

“I just wish this moment could lay forever.” He replied with a happy sigh.

They continued to eat, she wanted to finish eating. Food was getting in the way of them learning about each other. They continued to make small talk.

15 minutes later.

"Dinner was amazing, care to join me by the balcony's ledge, I want to take in that view now." She asked, reaching across the table, offering her hand to him. She hoped he was okay with her taking a slight lead.

John stood holding onto Jazzy’s warm hand. He felt a peace come over him as he allowed her to take the lead.

John and Jazzy walked over to the ledge holding hands, she lead the way and they both started to look out the view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. She did not let go of his hand. She pulled him a little, being a little aggressive. He was now behind her, and she reached for his other hand, still facing the view. She leaned into his body. "I told you this was a first of many things to come. I will always cherish, and this John, this view in incredible." She suggested, gripping his hands tight, making him snuggle with her.

John wrapped his hands around her and took a secretive smell of her hair. “I don’t think this view even exsist in reality. This building is a figerment of my imagination.” He explained, “but maybe one day we can take in a real view of Paris.” He hopes he wasn’t being too forward, but right now things going fast didn’t seem to worry the pair. Planning for the future though, John thought, might be a step too far so quick.

"That would be nice," she said. She was thinking what it would be like to go to a romantic location, with someone she was interested in. The smile on her face intensified with joy. She continued to stare into the view, thinking to herself this moment, this precious moment, was perfect. She loved john's arms wrapping her body, holding her, making her feel loved and cared for.

The moment was perfect, so perfect time seemed to stand still. If only he could hold onto this moment forever then John would have.

"A chance to walk down the streets of Paris, spend time together. Maybe try a couple of local shops. In the past it would have been to much, but with you, I think I could like it." She suggested, hoping John's suggestion was sincere.

“As a kid I only ever dreamt of open spaces like this.” John said in a whisper. His mouth close to Jazzy’s ear. He wanted to offer her something of what made him, him. “The closest I got to openness was Star Base promenades. If I was lucky. When I first stepped foot on terrformer, I felt like a bird released from its cage for the first time. Views like this give me peace, and having you here only makes it better.”

"Careful John, words like that will sweep me off my feet." She teased a little with a soft voice, learning into body and gripping his arms tightly. She closed her eyes for a moment, to allow the moment to sink in.

John relished the embrace, and took Jazzy’s arm to spin her around so he could look her in the eye. “I’m not even sure I need the city view any more.” He said softly running his hand through her hair.

She was twirled around and her head was spinning with emotions of joy and happiness, and a little excitement. She was asking herself, should she, should she wait, her face drifted closer to his. She wanted to kiss him so badly. But she was trying to be patient. Good things come to those who wait. And her emotional control barriers, were failing one by one, and she was glad.

John was stroking her hair with his fingers, she almost cried out with passion, "John, I want too....." she started off, leaning in closer. Her heart was racing, but her mind was telling her to be fair to him.

She put her hand out on his chest, to stop herself. She needed to find the courage to tell him about her bond, and her medical issues, before she could even think about a relationship or a physical intimacy of any kind. "I have a hard time stabilizing my emotions, I told that part to you, but its not only my emotions I need to worry about." She said, wanting to reach in and kiss him, but resisting the urge.

"I am bonded with two other personal, a Vulcan teacher and a former classmate, regulating my emotions is hard enough, but their are day's regulating theirs is even harder. It's why I practice Vulcan meditation. I like you, but I am offering you a chance to walk away." She said, hoping he would not leave. Her face looked down at the ground. She felt guilty for not telling him sooner. About leading him on, but she did not expect to get feelings so soon.

John tried to make sense of what he was being told, he didn’t fully understand but he felt now wasn’t the time for questions. He placed his hand beneath Jazz’s chin and lifted it. “Now, why would I want to do a silly thing like that.” He said smiling at her. He was prepared to take her with all her baggage. After all it wasn’t as if he didn’t come with his own. He felt he should tell her, but it didn’t seem right given the emotions she was no doubt facing now.

Jazzy grabbed his arm and that reached for her chin. She placed her hand on top of his, allowing him to pull her chin and face up to gaze at him. She was not sure he understand what he was getting into. But it was getting harder for her to resist her urges to kiss him. "John, I like you, I do." She said, starting to lean towards his face.

"Please don't make a fool of me, my emotions are a struggle, if you come any closer, I am not going to be able to resist." She started off in a soft voice, leaning closer and closer.

"Last chance to..." She said, continuing to move inch by inch closer, her eyes fixated on his lips, her emotions and hormones were raging with anticipation of their first kiss. She kept telling herself, do it. Her mind was trying to stop her.

“Stop.” John said losing the soft tone he had been using the past few minutes and backing away slightly. “I really like you, but you need to know what you are getting into as well.”

End of Part 1.


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