NCC - 86105
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Setting off

Posted on Sun Mar 4th, 2018 @ 1:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Commander James Stevenson



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Redoubt
Timeline: Day 83 0400

James eased on the retro thrusters, bring the shuttled in to a hover position. Then with the maneuvering thrusters intermittently firing the shuttle lowered her herself to the planets service.

James heard the squad of marines exiting from the rear doors, another squad to man the redoubt. He had decided to fly the latest shuttle in to the ground base as he wanted to whish his officers luck before they set out to find the telescope.

As he left the shuttle his was met by Akelia, although with her disguise he hardly recognized her.

James had to raise his voice slightly, so he could be heard over the gentle hum of the generators powering the holo-admitters “How are things progressing?” James asked, there relationship not requiring a formal greeting.

Akelia stood straight from her stooped over position. It felt good to stretch those muscles more than she had imagined. "We are on schedule and ready to deploy," she said.

James looked around the inside of the redoubt, the marines and engineers had done an excellent job. The shed with oxen in was in one corner, the marine operation post running a long one side of unity and the low-lit landing pad position in the centre.

Akelia let him look around. The marines had done an excellent job at this readout. "The oxen are being harnessed now if you would like to inspect it," she added.

James and Akelia walked over towards the compound gate. The away team were bringing the oxen from the shed and already had harnessed the first oxen. There were six oxen, two to pull the tow carts and another two who could be interchanged. On closer inspection of the carts James could see the preparations that had been made. He has insisted that star fleet technology had been minimalized. The weapons they carried were authentic to this level to the planets evaluation, the only variation on this was he had allowed Lieutenant Igh to carry her mek'leth.

The first wagon had several wooden boxes stored against the back and sides these contained the Doctors medical kits, some of the Bashir Ration Cubes and some replicated currency. These were covered with marteral which made up the specially woven tents and blankets. James helped the team pull the large water prove covering made out of replicated cattle hide over the wagon’s contents to keep it from getting damaged for the elements, although this contenant was starting the summer season.

The second wagon looked much the same but this one contained a teleport booster and other Star fleet equipment that would be useful once inside the town.

While the final stages were being completed James and Akelia walked to an area of the compound which had a map of the area pinned to the wall.

After several minuets the away team joined them. James could hardly recognize the crew under their disguises and authentic clothing. He pointed to the map which had been drawn up from the scans of the planet but then the topographical information was translated into a replica of the maps that the Livingstone had collected on the crews first mission.

“The marines have created a path which they will then dismantle, which will take you to this track.” He pointed to a spot on the map. James had thought teleporting the team on to the track but thought this to risky if anyone saw.

This track then will lead you to this small hamlet, it’s approximately 200 Kilometers from here to this major city.” He looked at the map, the track turned, through small villages, some other forests and twisted following a river before opening up into farm land in front of the city.

“The reason your heading towards this city is because it is this is the province with the King that has renounced religion and claims to have seen the moons. It’s our best bet for the telescope. Collect intelligence as you go.”
James paused to emphasize the next sentence. “All the Starfleet equipment must remain hidden, however once you get to the town, you have enough currency to rent a house.” That was and understatement, the away team were carrying a fortune.

“Once inside Lieutenant Haynes, will establish a another forward base.”
James turned to Akelia, “If you believe that this city does not contain the telescope, you’ll get there or change your route.”

James looked around the group. “Once you’re on the track you’ll be on your own, we’ll send flights over the continent when we can and try to relay any information to your tricorders.”

Akelia flipped the walking staff over her shoulders showing that it was well balanced despite its appearance before returning to the stooping position she had been in before. In a creeky voice she said, "Don't worry sonny, we'll find the telescope."


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