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One night in Paris - Part 2

Posted on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 9:00pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: MD 27 - 1810

Except from part 1:
Jazzy grabbed his arm and that reached for her chin. She placed her hand on top of his, allowing him to pull her chin and face up to gaze at him. She was not sure he understand what he was getting into. But it was getting harder for her to resist her urges to kiss him. "John, I like you, I do." She said, starting to lean towards his face.

"Please don't make a fool of me, my emotions are a struggle, if you come any closer, I am not going to be able to resist." She started off in a soft voice, leaning closer and closer.

"Last chance to..." She said, continuing to move inch by inch closer, her eyes fixated on his lips, her emotions and hormones were raging with anticipation of their first kiss. She kept telling herself, do it. Her mind was trying to stop her.

“Stop.” John said losing the soft tone he had been using the past few minutes and backing away slightly. “I really like you, but you need to know what you are getting into as well.”

Now the conclusion:
John took a deep breathe, already feeling the tears well up in his eyes. “On the Cross. We were attacked by a terrorist group. I can’t remember the attack, I was knocked unconscious by a bulkhead in my quarters. When I woke, I was running out of air. I managed to piece together a forcefield generator with scrap from my quarters to keep me bubbled in until rescue arrived.”

He continued not allowing for interruption. “I was sat in what was left of my quarters for 3 days. When Lieutenant Ancora finally rescued me, I realised just how lucky I was. Only 6 of the crew survived. Everyone I had built a friendship with was gone. But most importantly so was Harkeia.”

John felt a lump build up in his throat. He was determined to continue his story but his words failed him. It was as if his vocal chords no longer exsisted. He looked up at Jazz, with tears streaming down his face. His mouth open trying to speak. He gave in walking back to the balconies edge, resting his arms on the railing and crying into his own hands.

Jazzy immediately chased after him, standing near him, but giving him a little space to breath. She stood next to him, she reached up with her right hand, and gave him a side hug. "I had no idea, that is terrible." She said, feeling compassion and guilt. She did not mean for her emotional struggles to make him relapse into a painful memory, she assumed that's what she did.

"Sounds like we both have a few, how does the saying go?" She asked thinking about it. "Oh ya, a few skeltons in the closet....John, I am not going anywhere. I want to be there for you, if your willing, I am." She said, giving him a little extra squeeze on her side hug.

John managed the strength to form words, “you need to know the rest.” He sobbed tilting his head to look at her through his streaming eyes. “I loved her, then she was gone. They never found her body.”

He took another deep breathe, which was an evident struggle. “This bastards took her, and I didn't even know if she’s alive.” He once again lost the ability to speak. He feared if he didn’t find extra words soon he would lose Jazz altogether.

She was not sure what to say, she was torn a bit. She leaned her head into his shoulder and bicep area of his arm. "You think she is alive?" Asked Jazzy, not sure how to feel or react to that news? She did tell him, not to make a fool of her. It was clear that he still loved her, even though she really had no idea who this Harkeia person was.

“Honestly?” John asked not really expecting an answer. “No,” his head hung down as if he could no longer support it. “She disappeared months ago. I have all but given up hope.”

Jazzy reached out and grabbed his cheek like he did to her just a few minutes ago and moved his face to see hers. "John," she softly spoke. "I'm right here, not going anywhere. If you need more time, I understand. I will still be here." She said, looking her eyes onto his. She saw his tears. She saw the tears of pain and suffering in his eyes. She felt slightly responsible. She was not going to leave his side at this very moment, until she knew he was going to be okay.

John nustled his tear soaked face into Jazzy’s hand. It made him feel comforted. Comfort was not something many were able to bring him since the Cross’ near destruction. “You don’t have to wait.” He whispered softly, still a little choked. “You just needed to know what you were letting yourself in for. I’m a mess Jazz.” He realised that this might well be the first time he had adessed her by name. His hope was that she was happy with a short end version. “But if you’ll still have me, I’m your mess.”

"Nobody is perfect John, I know we can make this work," she said, as she directed him in closer for a deep passionate hug. She embraced him with such warm of emotions. When some people would have been scared to see this side of a man, she was grateful. He was opening up to her, and she could appreciate it.

John crying turned to mere sobs as he allowed himself to get caught up in the embrace, placing his own arms around Jazz pulling her in just as she was with him.

Holding him in her arms, felt so right. She was rubbing his back, trying to re assure him, that everything was alright. She did not let go of him. He was hurting, and she wanted to be there to reach out for him in comfort. "I'm here." She softly whispered in his ear.

He broke away slightly, still holding Jazz around her waist. His face still soaked with his tears he gazed upon her. His eyes started to dart between her eyes and her lips as he drew himself back in closer to her. His heart beating twice the speed it was just moments ago. His eyes started to close, it was about to happen. They were about to kiss.

Jazzy thought to herself, he picks this moment, she said as she leaned in. She had been wanting to kiss him, most of the night. He was vulnerable, and she did not want to take advantage, but she could not resist her own temptations, she slowly leaned and pressed her lips against his with such passion. She grabbed onto him tighter, and started to stroke his hair in a passionate sense of lustful rage. What was happening to her, she wondered, she liked it. Did not expect it to be this intense.

Jazzy was hardly thinking about the consequences of this decision. It was clear in her mind, that John desired her too. Why else do you take someone to Paris and pour your heart out to them in one of the most romantic locations on planet earth? She allowed her passions and her emotions to control her, and it felt great. She continued to caress his hair with her hands, and pressed her body against his.

John allowed himself to get caught in the moment. His hands ran up Jazzy’s back. He could sense where this was heading. It was quick, but something seemed so right. He gave Jazz a gentle push to break the kiss so he could speak. “Shall we get out of here?” He whispered implyingly.

Jazzy nodded yes with excitement, and followed John.


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