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Day After

Posted on Fri Mar 9th, 2018 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Warren's Quarters
Timeline: MD + 28, 0800 Hours

Jazzy was starting to wake up, she wondered if last night was a dream, it seemed to good to be true. She laid in bed, smiling in bed. It took her a moment to realize she was not alone, she could tell from the light sweat and hint of cologne, it was John. She noticed he was spooning her. She opened her eyes.

She did not panic, it actually felt nice to be held. She laid in bed for a moment. They were both under the same blanket and she remembered all of her clothes were on the floor. It was not a dream. At first she was not sure she was okay with that, but the feeling passed. She liked him, and granted it was a little fast, but they were both adults, and he had spent all night, clearly spooning her.

She reached for his hands, and brought them up to her face, and kissed them, before placing them by her chest, as she continued to lay in bed, not wanting to disturb him. After the intense night they had, he deserved to rest. She started to remember the night more clearly. Wow what a night.

John was an amazing guy outside of the bedroom, but last night proved he was an amazing person, all the way around. She never felt pleasure like that. Which was sad, no one had ever pleased her in that way before. She had a couple of other partners in the past, but non compared to how John made her feel, emotionally and physically.

She laid there wondering and being a little scared, was she was falling for him, so soon? So fast? She continued to hold his hands with hers, and place them by her heart. The moment was perfect.

John began to stir, realising he was closely cuddled up to someone, and quickly realising it was Jazz. Keeping his eyes closed for a moment he cherished the moment. He could feel her heart beat beneath his hands, and as he opened his eyes he Came to the realisation she was already awake. “Morning.” He smiled blissfully.

"It is, please say you have the day off." She suggested while rolling over to face him, while at the same time while looking him in the eyes. Jazzy grabbed his closely, and squeezing his body tightly against hers. Jazzy then started to look into his eyes.

“Why? Would do you have in mind?” John gave a cheeky grin, as he moved his hand to run it through Jazzy’s hair. He was talking the talk, but this time unwilling to walk the walk. He wanted to prove to her that he was in this for the right reasons. He wanted to treat her like a lady.

"Just hoping to spend time with you, and not be rushed to leave bed, after an incredible night, that's all." She said, allowing John to stroke her red hair, she felt slightly bad for John. They both had worked up a good sweat the night before. Now her hair was probably a little oily and sweaty. She had no idea where they went from here, they where both naked in bed.

Things would change between them, from this moment on. She hoped John was okay with that. She did not like or approved of one night stands. She laid in bed, despite being under the covers with him, she felt exposed and vulnerable.

“Sounds like the perfect plan,” John replied continuing to caress his hand through her hair. If it was oily he hadn’t realised, he was too caught up in his emotions. “Although we have to leave the bed at some point.” He gave a boisterous grin.

"Five more minutes John," she asked snuggling up closer to him, starting to breath on his neck and ear ever so slightly. She was only trying to snuggle but given the fact they were still naked and bed, she started to kiss him. One thing led to another.

1 hour later.

Jazzy started to breath hard. She rolled off of John, grabbing the blankets and pulling them up to her chest. "Your right, we should get out off bed," she suggested, trying to catch her breath. She did not want to get out of bed, but after another intense moment of passion, if they did not they get out of bed, they would never leave the bed.

John laid looking at Jazzy, and as she suggested getting out of bed he gave a nod and rolled away, getting himself up from the bed. Almost immediately becoming aware of his nakedness, which made him feel quite uncomfortable. He started his walk toward the replicator and was about to make an offer of breakfast when Jazz spoke again.

"Can I take a shower here with you? Promise I'll behave, just don't want to leave your quarters looking like a mess and like we been fooling around." She said, with a grin, as she rolled over to face him, trying to keep from exposing herself. She asked with a big grin.

“You want to shower with me? Or just use my shower?” John laughed before becoming serious. “Jazz, I don’t want to upset you, but I don’t want you getting the wrong idea about me.” He knew she was most likely starting to worry. “I don’t think we should shower together, I don’t want our relationship to become all about...well all about that.” He nodded toward the bed. “I just don’t want to ruin things before they really get started.” He started to ramble again, a little like he did the night before. “I’m not saying never. I just want to well, enjoy each other in other ways too. Do you get what I mean? I’m not making sense am I?”

Jazzy smiled and reached in towards his face, gave him a small kiss on the lips. "Your sweet John," she said. She purposely did not answer his question. She smiled as she walked away to his replicator. "One bathing towel, please." Jazzy told the replicator, as it materialized towel.

She looked back at him with a grin on her face, "I'll see you in a few." She said, as she walked into his bathroom. She could respect the fact he wanted to be respectful and try to slow things down, but her emotions were out of alignment. She needed to meditate and soon. She was going to make time today to do that.

She stepped into the sonic shower, and activated the device, and stepped into it. She closed her eyes, and thought about the night before. What an incredible night, part of her was a little concerned, did she take advantage of him? Would this come back to haunt her? She hoped not. She liked John, she was not interested in a one night hook up, with him or anyone.

She allowed the pulses of the sonic shower to cleanse her body of sweat, dirt and grim. Her mind was racing, her thoughts were a little out of alignment. She was trying to focus in the shower, on collecting her thoughts. To remember her Vulcan Meditation techniques. Slowly she was able to regain composure.

After a small stay in the shower, she walked out of the shower, wearing the towel that she used to dry off her hair and body with. She needed to replicate new clothing, since she had non there. She walked into to the living. "It's all yours." She said, resisting the urge to be aggressive this morning, the cold sonic shower seemed to help.

“What about some breakfast first?” John beamed, from the table where he was sat next to a hot plate. “Hope you like bacon? I had to replicate the raw ingredient, but it will still be better when it’s cooked by hand.” He hadn’t bothered to get dressed, except for his Star Fleet issue underwear.

"I love bacon, who doesn't right." She said, noticing John only put on underwear, she grinned, but was mentally telling herself. No Jazzy no, he does not solely want a physical relationship. She walked over to the table. And took a seat next to John. "It smells great, you did not have to go through all of this trouble for me." She said trying to focus on the breakfast.

“I know I didn’t have to.” He replied looking over to Jazz. “But I wanted to. You are worth it.”

She grabbed his hand, and lightly squeezed it as she looked at him. Resisting the urge to kiss him. She was trying not to look at his physique, but it was hard. She smiled as she said. "I appreciate it John, but you keep talking all sweet like that, I may not have the control to resist your charms. You got the girl, now let me the guy." She suggested with a wink. And then took a bite of the breakfast.

The taste was incredible, John went all out, and she appreciated his effort. She felt she needed to tell him, to relax. He seemed to stressed, like he was trying to win her heart, last night and this morning should be a testament to that. Now she wanted to make sure she had his heart. She hoped that he could love her some day like he loved Harkeia. She knew, she was following in the shadows of his last love, and she needed to be patient and wait.

“You don’t think you already have the guy?” John places down his fork and turned to look Jazz square in the eyes. “I don’t do all this for just anyone you know? You have to be special to me. If you didn’t have me, then you wouldn’t be sat in my quarters eating breakfast right now having not been home the night before.”

John didn’t understand exactly why he replied the way he did. He did know he was frustrated that Jazz hadn’t realised what she meant to him. He wouldn’t call it love, not that he knew what love really was, but he felt a deep connection to the woman. “Sorry,” he said realising that what he had lost control somehow. “I just well I feel something for you. Right in here.” He pounded at his chest. “I guess I just thought you knew.”

"Last night and this morning was very special to me, and I am glad that you like me too. I felt that maybe I took advantage of you, your pouring your heart to me and talking about Harkeia, and then we sleep together. I don't regret it, but I don't want you too regret it. You sound upset, maybe in part you do? I wanted to be with you, my emotions are hard to control, it's like having a mini Vulcan pon farr, I assume you heard how intense they can be?" She asked.

John nodded, but he had never heard of a human suffering Pom Farr type symptoms.

"If I do not meditate daily, my emotions take over my basic urges, desires, and yes I will admit it, I desired you, because I like you too, a lot." She said, feeling vulnerable and defenseless. She hated this feeling, but John could save her or hurt her. Either way, she would adapt, but she hoped John, would understand.

“I don’t regret last night,” John said resting his hand of Jazz’s shoulder. “I don’t know why I got so upset. I guess I just feared that once you walk out that door, that will be it.”

Jazzy grabbed his hand, she wanted to feel close to him. But John was right, this could not be a physical relationship, but he looked so good sitting their in underwear. She kept saying to herself, think of something else. "Perhaps you take a shower, I would love to change over, unless..." She said, starting to lean in close.

Stop it Jazzy, as she continued to lean in. No, stop stop stop., she yelled in her mind. She was still struggling to control her emotions.

“I also suppose that I’m scared to feel these for someone,” John inputted. “The only other time I really cared for someone, I lost them. Now I am falling for you, and I’m scared. I don’t think I could lose someone that close to me again.”

Jazzy teared up over what he said, "John, how did that happen, this is way to fast, but I am falling for you too. Please go take that shower, before I take you somewhere else." She said, pointing with her eyes to his bed. She kept leaning closer then she stuck her hand out. Her voice was shaking and trembling. She was resisting her urges to get on his lap and embrace him. It was his idea to do other things, being showered and clothed should help, or so she assumed it would help. Her eyes were focused on his lips.

John leant forward, he himself getting caught up on the moment. ‘No John, you repect this woman,’ He told himself before placing his lips on her cheek and breaking away taking himself to the shower. He turned back and smiled, before disappearing into the wash room area of his quarters.


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