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Longest Week

Posted on Wed Mar 14th, 2018 @ 6:04pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD + 30, 1600 Hours

Jazzy walked into sickbay, meditation was barely working, what was going on? Normally meditation kept her mind stable and focused, but the past two days, that was not the case at all. She scheduled an appointment with Doctor Rolvek as soon as possible. "Doctor Rolvek," she softly called out.

She walked over to the bio bed and took a seat, her mind was racing a little bit, she knew she could trust him. She allowed him inside her head. She had never felt strong emotions like this before. She was not a virgin, but she was not well experienced with relationships in general.

Her last boyfriend was back in the days of the academy. Jazzy started to think, wow, had it really been 4 years since she went on dates, and had sex? She started to think about it, the past four years on the Carpathia, she was rotated a lot, working as a relief officer, brig officer, back up bridge officer and eventually she wanted to be in command of her own department so she left to join the Livingstone.

She started to think what was the biggest difference between now and then? At the academy, she was attracted to the man she slept with, the man she had a fling with, that was it, she thought. He was a fling, she was afraid what the emotional strain would be if she tried to have feelings for him.

Jazzy did not even think about the consequences of getting in a relationship with John. She had a strong connection to him. And she wanted to explore it.

She dangled her legs off the bio bed, being bored and waiting for Rolvek to walk over.

Rolvek was spending his time attending to other patients. All minor and easy to manage. He seemingly glided across the room attending to his duties, as if he were unable to be distracted from his work.

Eventually he came to Jazzy, announcing his presence on his walk over. “Can I help you Lieutenant.” His tone was as professional and clear cut as ever. If he was building any friendship with Miss Haynes, he didn’t show it.

"Doctor it is agreeable to see you." Suggested Jazzy. She really wanted to explain why she called for the appointment. But deep down, she had a feeling Doctor Rolvek, already knew why. Her emotions were to close to the surface, and she was doing her best to contain them. But it was a struggle and a loosing battle.

And indeed the doctor had a very strong idea of the reason for Jazz’s visit. Her emotions filled the air around her so that Rolvek could almost tangibly touch them. But his professionalism and federation medical training took him away from addressing the issue directly. “Do you require medical attention?” He asked. On Vulcan he would have been more direct, but here he was under a different set of guidelines. Guidelines he didn’t completely agree with, but followed none the less.

"Straight to business, I can respect that," she said. Understanding that he was not trying to rude, he was trying to be professional. She looked at him. "My emotional stability is collapsing. I have introduce a new element into emotional well-being." She suggested, trying not to smile, at the thought of John. But it was to hard, she had very strong feelings for him. Was this normal she wondered?

Rolvek's suspicions had been confirmed. He tilted his head for just a second which could have been taken as a 'thought as much' response. "I am detecting a great deal of emotional turmoil from you," he began. "Would you be able to tell me what this 'new element' is?"

"Love Doc, physical and emotion attachment, very stimulating. Almost like an intoxication." Said Jasmine. Trying to explain love to a Vulcan. She was not sure how receptive he was going to be, to her being in love so quickly. She loved the idea of being physically attracted to John, and her feelings for him were strong. Almost to the point of saying those three scary words. "I love you."

Rolvek passed no judgement. “Love is an extremely strong emotion,” He stated. “And a very difficult one to control. I would suggest that extra work on your meditation techniques is required. I can help you only so far however, so I would like to prescribe you leave, to visit Vulcan where you can obtain further assistance.”

"A little extreme don't you think?" She asked hoping he could help her, not a team of doctors on Vulcan. She was discouraged by his response. "I have obligations to the USS Livingstone and her crew. Plus I do not want to end what I have started." She said, not wanting to take a trip to Vulcan. She wanted to stay and spend more time with John. She was not ready to hop on a shuttle and leave.

“I don’t intend to have you visit Vulcan immediately. Perhaps following our current mission.” The Vulcan seemed to be stating it as fact that she would need to visit his home world. “I would also not suggest you end your new romantic relationship. It is logical to find a sexual partner in order to preserve ones culture. However time apart is doubtful to damage what ever relationship you have built.”

To preserve ones culture, was a little over the top thought Jazzy. She looked to Rolvek, still looking for help. "What do we do in the mean time, surely there is a temporary solution?" She asked, being hopeful.

“I can meet with you on a regular basis, in order to look into ways of improving your meditation technique,” Rolvek offered. “However there is only so much I will be able to do for you. I have no experience of having to submerge the emotions of another, Only of myself.”

Jazzy was frustrated by this disabling affect of emotional release. There were moments in her life, that she questioned why T'vol saved her as a child. This was torture, not being to control the emotional connection between herself, her partners and her bond mates. There where days, she questioned why. But today was not that day, today she questioned, why she could not control it.

She had spent a good chunk of time meditating. Poor John might be concerned she is flaking him off. She wanted to see him tonight, first she wanted to talk to Rolvek. "It's start doctor, aren't you going to ask me who?" She asked. Typically humans would care about trivial matters, but she was not sure if he did. But she was dying to tell him who.

“I see no reason to enquire,” the doctor delivered bluntly. “I assume you have become involved with Lieutenant Warren?” He continued, enquiring only because he felt it was expected of him.

"Good memory doctor, the meld showed you insights to my mind, and yes its him. I envy you Doctor, able to control your urges for 7 years, its been a day since we last, you know, had a physical connection. And I desire him deeply, can this be tied into the bond? If so, why I have never felt this strong. John is not my first partner." She said.

“I have always found those urges stronger since having met my wife.” Rolvek told Jazz surprisingly openly. “The average female humans sexual cycle is one week, after having become sexually active. In some cases that amount of time can be reduced to as little as 24 Hours. I would suggest that this is the case with yourself, and that you just happen to have a stronger bond with Lieutenant Warren than you have with your previous partners.”

She thought to herself, one week huh. And she already missed a day, what was she thinking. "so my hormonal levels will return to normal or will they still be in heightened?" She asked, thinking that she wanted to leave and take advantage of her heightened state of euphoria.

“Over time they will dissipate, but they are unlikely to go completely. Although for a human male, such as Lieutenant Warren, the cycle is at an average of only 48 Hours. Although this too might be less, and for him it is less likely to dessipate,” Rolvek stated bluntly. “You May wish to discuss his needs with him, as well as expressing yours.”

"Great advice doctor," She said feeling a little relief, that this phase will pass. But at the moment did not want to change the fact she still desired John, and it was very strong. "I appreciate your time, if these feelings do not dissipate in a week, lets meet up then." Asked Jazzy. Looking at the time. John would be getting off work soon.

Jazzy stood up and got ready to leave sickbay. She wanted to give Rolvek a big hug. She was relieved to hear these intense feelings should go away in about week. She knew her feelings for John would not fade, but the desires should. She restrained herself from hugging Rolvek. Instead she gave the Vulcan salute. "I appreciate your counsel, Doctor. Good Day."

The doctor raised an eyebrow, he found it curious that Jazz was so happy to simply leave this as it was. He had thought that maybe she was here only because the emotions she was dealing with interfered with her duties. “Fairwell Lieutenant,” He said curiously as he watched her walk from the room.


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