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How it ends

Posted on Sat Mar 17th, 2018 @ 1:42pm by Lieutenant Rolvek



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: MD29 - 0930

John entered the Livingstone sickbay. A place he tried to avoid, and had managed to except for his medical upon boarding. Not only did he want to avoid medical treatment, but he also found the Vulcan chief medical officers bedside manner lacking.

The room was quiet except for a nurse who appeared to be preparing various medications for future use. John continued round to his left to peer his head through the door to Rolvek’s office.

“Can I help you Lieutenant?” Came the doctors cool and monotone voice, from behind his desk.

“Well,” John began, “I was told that you might be able to help me to learn meditation?”

“You wish to suppress your emotions?” Rolvek asked, more for confirmation than actual interest.

“Some of them,” John answered already feeling uncomfortable with their meeting.

“I can help you to surpress your emotions, but not bury them completely,” the Vulcan said clearly. “They will still be there. Just not as strong.”

John took a moment to formulate a reply, he wanted rid not only of his emotions surrounding his experience of loss. But also of the memories that caused them, some of which might nit seem like bad memories, but stirred up the fact he had lost people he cared about. “I guess that will have to do, doc.” He replied forcing a smile, through the memories he was bringing to the surface.

“I will require knowledge of the emotional state you wish to surpress,” The doctor blankly started. “This can be achieved by verbal communication, or by a mindmeld. But I must warn you that a mindmeld can be a traumatic experience, and has dangers attached.”

John was not entirely sure he wanted his mind explored by another person, but equally his curiosity had been peeked. It would be a new experience to him, and at least he could say he had done it. “What ever you recommend doctor,” he finally replied curious as to what the Vulcan sat before him might choose.

“A mind meld would give the best possible insight.” He responded blankly, as if it were a simple choice.

John answered only with a nod, now extremely nervous of what was to come. He watched Rolvek stand and travel around his desk, approaching John and holding his hand to his face.

“My mind to your mind,” Rolvek began “my thoughts to your thought.”

Nothing happened, except for John feeling all the more uncomfortable and a slight pain in his temples.

“You’re resisting,” said Rolvek blankly. “Relax your mind.”

‘Relax your mind’ what did these words mean? John tried to do as instructed, trying to blank ever thought and listen only to the doctors voice as he tried again.

“My mind to your mind, my thoughts to your thoughts.” This time it worked, and Rolvek found himself overwhelmed with John’s emotions. They stood in John’s memory of the USS Cross. The room could barely be described as such any more, the ceiling had completely caved in, revealing the deck above. The hole though had been filled with a forcefield which was generated by a small device on the dust covered floor.

“This memory is traumatic to you,” said the doctor, with an unusual tremor in his voice.

“If you like, this was the beginning of the end,” John responded not wanting to let on to too much right away.

An echo seemed to feel the joined minds of the two men. It was like a whisper, of a familiar female voice. “John,” it gently spoke. “John.” A tear began to fall down Johns cheek, as he replied to the whisper, “Harkeia.”

The scenery around them changed, and they found themselves in another of John’s memories, where John was sat at a table in someone crew quarters, with a meal in front of him. The quarters were decorated with art work and statuettes that seemed to come from all sorts of different cultures, and opposite John sat a Trill woman, with long blonde hair and light blue eyes, that reminded John of tropical oceans. She reached across the table, past the plates of food and placed her hand on John’s. The memory was so vivid he could almost taste the food he had been eating, and smell the smells he had smelt then.

“I thought she was the love of my life,” John told Rolvek, filled with the pain of knowing this was only a memory, but somehow still feeling the joy he felt then. “But...” the scenery changed again. This time they found themselves in one of the Cross’ corridors. Almost every panel was dislodged. Burn marks could be seen around most of the control panels that lined the walls, and debris was scattered across the floor.

A Deltan in security gold uniform seemed to be leading the way. “Lieutenant Ancora,” John announced as he followed and relived the conversation they had, had.

"There's a j-tube junction fourteen meters down this corridor. We're going to climb down to deck nineteen," announced Ancora.

"Deck nineteen?" Warren repeated back. "Is that the closest inhabitable deck?" John found himself saying with panic, just as he had then. He didn’t allow the Deltan to answer but instead continued in his questioning, “Have you heard from Ensign Jedra?" He spoke of Harkeia.

"Sickbay is on deck nineteen," Ancora relayed neutrally, a sidelong glance toward Warren as he paused and considered his answer to the rest of the man's questions. "The ship was attacked, we've been boarded by raiding parties once already and we're adrift, but we're trying to get somewhere safe," he said, pausing in front of the access tube, that they were about to enter. "I do not know of Ensign Jedra, but anything is possible. We found you, didn't we?"

“They never found her,” told John, as they found themselves in a much cleaner Shuttle Bay, where crews scurried around. John started pointing at people as he spotted them, calling each by name. “Harrogate, Laurence, Jurok, Helton,” the list went on. “All gone. Everyone I had a connection with GONE!”

With his final outburst the meld was broken. Both men had tears streaming down their faces, much to Johns surprise who hadn’t even realised Vulcans poccessed tear ducts.

“I believe I can help you.” Rolvek spoke trying to compose himself. “I advise we meet daily for the time being. Please report to my quarters at 17.30 tonight.”

John was puzzled. Was this it, he relives his worst nightmare and is sent on his merry way? He was still destraught, and his breathing still heavy, yet the doctor seemed to think this was an appropriate time to part ways. “Sure, doc,” he said puzzled as he turned away and left the room.


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