NCC - 86105
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The fork

Posted on Fri Mar 16th, 2018 @ 2:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: planetside
Timeline: 6 hours after departure

Akelia Felnost had been undercover more than a few times. But this was different from her prior experiences. That wasn7t to say that she had worked on primitive worlds, rather that the parameters weren't one that she was comfortable with. It was something she mulled throughout the night.

It was slow going all night as there wasn't a path and the darkness, despite the light of the moon, impeded the carts. By day break though, they had reached their target, the road, or what counted for it. In truth it was two ruts that the oxen traveled on. Akelia would have hated to deal with this trail in the rain as the mud would suck up the wheels.

She indicated for the group to turn left and head north towards their target destination. As they went past, she surveyed the terrain. It was lightly wooded with shrubbery and it looked as if the trail was by far the most used part of the land. That was good. it would be easier to spot ambushes or other problems early on, or at least the hoped so.

After the caravan hurried past, she quickly moved to the front and assumed her old man posture. It was strange to her, but according to the native, the elderly were given respect by leading in many cases. she figured most would be given respect by riding in the first cart, however her nature prevented being placed in a situation she couldn't quickly react to.

The sun showed that it would be a nice day, barely a cloud in the sky. It was a far cry from her homeworld of Andor but not one that she was unaccustomed to. they would travel the better part of the day, and the oxen be willing, arrive in the first town well before nigtfall. Deep down, she hoped that this would be a quiet mission, but with a war on, she knew that anything could happen.


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