NCC - 86105
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In to Ranhove

Posted on Sun Mar 25th, 2018 @ 8:10pm by Ensign Jacob MaCall



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: Ranhove
Timeline: Day 88

Jacob stood to ease his back, the wooden seat coupled with the uneven road service had become very unconfutable. From his vantage point he could see the road stretching out over the rolling hills and through a few small villages. It appeared to his untrained eye that most of the small farmers had not yet began to specialise in their products and farming was still on a subsistence level.

Jacob sat back down and was handed the oxen’s rains again. Yesterday afternoon they had crossed a large river, using a swing ferry, one of the historians in the group had become very excited and had spoke of very little else since. The ferry was guided across a river or large body of water by rope connected to both shores. The ferry crew with the help of the away team had pulled the ferry across.

However once on the this side of the river they had been informed that they had entered the kingdom of Ranhove. One of the first things Jacob had noticed was that the guards which there seemed to be more than required for such a small post, were not wearing any religious artefacts. Akelia had ordered the away team to have a look around the small town that had been built on this side of the river. Jacob had come across a burned building, he had spoken to one of the passers buy and they had informed him that this was once a church.

Ranhove was a lot busier that the country the crew had previously traversed. They would now often see other travellers and groups of solders on the road. Several of the villages they had past through had criminals tied in front of the main gates. However the people seemed friendly and Jacob was still able to collect a few coins for playing a tune in the bar last night.


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