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Taking a chance

Posted on Wed Mar 21st, 2018 @ 8:27pm by Lieutenant JG Jasmine Haynes



Voyage to Mutiny
Location: John Warren’s Quarters
Timeline: MD + 30, 1730 Hours

Warren sat at his desk wielding in his right hand a hypo-spanner which he pointed at a crircuit board. He was attempting to recreate a device from the 21st century. A compact disk player. He had managed to acquire some old CD’s from the operations officer on his last tour of duty, but had thus far been unable to play them, due to the lack of the required equipment.

He withdrew the tool from the board and paused for a moment realising his tongue had been sticking out from between his lips. So,etching he often did when deep in concentration. Another thing he had noticed was the deathly silence in the room around him. “Computer, play me something by...” he paused a moment to think of an artis or song write that he would like to hear. “Meat Loaf.” He had decided. It wasn’t the most popular of choices, and the artist was all but forgotten here in the 24th century.

The music began to play, ‘two outta three’. John reached inside the toolbox perched on the desk next to the would be CD player, and retrieved a new tool to use. Just as he planned to begin again on his work the door chime rang. His heart raced. He wasn’t expecting anyone from the squadron to report, and the only other person that seemed to dawn his door step was Jasmine Haynes, a person John ever longed to see.

Jazzy had just left the mess hall, after the unpleasant encounter she had with Simon Yost, she was eager to see John again. And after a day of deep meditation, she felt a little more in control of her emotions.

Jazzy felt that she could not loose control again. She was still scared to loose John. He lost someone close to him. And she knew that he liked her. And she made it clear that she liked him. But so far they had they kept their relationship surface level.

She wanted to get to know John better, and start a relationship with him. She was not sure how John would react to Simon. She had no idea if she should even add to his pile of stress. A part of her felt guilty for sleeping with him.

Mainly because he was not over Harkeia. But would he ever be over her. She was presumed killed in action. Her heart wanted to reach out and hold him, but his mind was the one that needed to be convinced that its okay to move on.

She had meet with the doctor the night before. It had been three days since she slept with him, but they needed time to work through their emotions. She knew John would need time to process what had happen. Jazzy knew she needed a little time too. She did not want to push him.

She walked up to his door, and tapped on his intercom, but she could hear a faint tones of music coming from his quarters. She had heard the melody before, but could not remember who the singer was.

The doors to his quarters swished open, and she could hear the song more clearly. She was listening to a depressing lyric from the song. She made eye contact, standing at the doorway, not walking in just yet.

Meatloaf: Two out of Three ` "Well there's only one girl that I'll ever love and that was so many years ago."

Jazzy was trying not to let the song get to her head. But it was clear that John was thinking of Harkeia. This was a bad time, she did not want to add to his stress. She knew that he loved her, and she was expecting this moment to arise. She was hoping for a little more time. The heart decides what the heart decides. She stood there frozen. Not sure how to react.

John placed down his tools, and looked upon Jazz, stood in the doorway. Something didn’t seem right, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. “Jazz?” He said with a tone of empathy. “Are you ok?”

He hadn’t put two and two together, he wasn’t really listening to the song lyrics, it was just for background noise, to fill the ever evident silence that had filled the room until now.

Jazzy was a little taken by his tone. Some days she wished she was telepath. Why couldn't the Vulcan bond provide a telepathic link between the two of them? Sadly she knew it did not work like that. She heard his empathetic tone, and stepped inside his room allowing the doors to swish behind her.

"Yes," she said, as she was not sure how to bring up the topic on her mind. The white elephant in the room. Her heart really did not want to talk about Harkeia. She knew they would have to talk about her in more depth. She wanted John's heart and it was torn.

"I hope I am not interrupting." She said, watching him working with tools. She was not sure if he really wanted her to be in his room. She stayed close to the door. The lyrics to the song continued to play. They were so sad, so depressing. They were were pretty harsh she thought.

“Not at all,” John said with sincerity as he stood from his desk. “You commin’ in?” He smiled.

"I did not want to intrude, on your personal time." She said hoping that the song would end soon. She was confused by his smile. It looked warm and inviting.

Was she over reacting?

"Interesting choice of music," she said as she walked over to him.
wanting to embrace him, but given the song he was listening too. She was very hesitant to put herself on the line, especially if he was thinking of Harkeia.

“I hadn’t really noticed,” John admitted. “I was just playing it in the background. Was too damn quiet in here.” The sight of Jazz gave him a warm feeling in his heart and he took a deep pleasurable breathe. “I was hoping you might come and distract me,” he nodded toward his desk where he had left his tools and circuit boards.

Jazzy walked over towards his desk, and hoped up on the desk, putting her arms around him. "Oh really, and what did you have in mind?" She asked, feeling like a fool for being a little concerned. She started to lean in a little when she started to move more of his small tools out of her way. It was a distraction.

She knew they needed to talk more about Harkeia, but at this very moment. She looked into his eyes, and then back down at the tools that pushed out of her way. "Before you answer that, what were you building?" She asked with a grin, looking down at his tools.

“Nothing too fancy,” John muttered humbly, “putting together something to play some old Compact Disks. Had some given to me a while back, but haven’t been able to play them.” He paused for a moment. “I suppose I could have just replicated one, but where would be the fun in that?”

John had completely lost the moment. His tinkering’s were usually kept to himself, and it gave it a new sense of award having someone take an interest.

"So why do you need a distraction, sounds like your having fun." She said grabbing a few of the small pieces of the cd player and trying to remember, how they were assembled. She continued to look at them before placing it back on the table. She did not want to be responsible for loosing any pieces.

“Well you were distracting me without even being here anyway,” John smiled gazing at Jazz, and not taking any notice of the mess she had caused him. “It’s cheesy, I know, but you have been running through my mind all day. And night for that matter.”

"Oh," she said, still sitting on the table, she was looking at the pieces but when John told her that he had been thinking of her, she instantly felt excited and scared. But his smile looked warm. She smiled back at him. "You could have called, or stop by." She said, as she moved her hands on his shoulders and turned him away from her.

She started to massage his shoulders, they felt a little tense. She started to dig into the muscle. "To much, perfect or a little more pressure." She asked. "I suppose I could have stopped by too or called, so let me make it up to you. I needed a little time to meditate."

“Perfect,” John replied relaxing into Jazzy’s hands. “I know I could have come to see you, but I didn’t want to disturb you if you happened to be meditating. Besides I have been meaning to get this project under my dealt for a while.” He thumbed back toward the desk on which Jazz was sitting, aware that an amount of his work had to be re-done, but unconcerned. Perhaps he would have been more concerned if it wasn’t for the meditation techniques that Rolvek had taught him, or even the simple fact that he cared so much for the vandaliser of his work.

Jazzy continued to massage his shoulders, she was still propped on the desk. She leaned in and whispered. "Do you think we can play more upbeat music, this music is killing my vibe." She suggested, trying to give him a playful way of saying snap out of it. She started to think sub consciously he was morning Harkeia, but since she was over and he asked for a distraction. She was going to give him one.

“Computer, play something from the genre of rock’n’roll.” Immediately the tune changes to an upbeat instrumental rock’n’roll number. John had no idea what it was but it wasn’t certainly more upbeat than what they had been listening to.

"Thank you," she said as she kissed the top of his head, while continuing the massage. She could feel him loosening up a little. Her fingers continued to dig into his muscular tone fit body. "So do you want to go out and do anything tonight?" She asked, hoping he would say yes.

John really wanted to take her up on her offer of a date, but he knew he couldn’t commit too much time out of his evening. “I actually have a date with doctor Rolvek in a couple of hours,” he said a little down beat before adding; “Going through some more meditation techniques.”

Jazzy was justified in her concern, that he was not over Harkeia. She was not going to push him. Normally she would have made a sly remark about him seeing other people. But at the moment that did not seem appropriate. "I understand," she said, feeling a little bummed. But he needed to heal emotionally. She continued to massage his shoulders, not wanting to let go of him.

"We will plan something another day." She said, thinking and hoping that John would not make her wait long. She really wanted to be with him in every aspect. The Doctor told her in a about a week, she should be back to normal herself, she just needed to table her urges.

“Tomorrow night?” John enquired wishing he had been free for the current evening. “And I still have a couple of hours now. I just don’t want to have a lecture from ole pointy lugs about not being committed,” John smirked, not that Jazz would see it from where she sat still massaging his shoulders.

"Well we have a couple of hours, I know what you need," She said as she slide off the table and got right up on john's back side. She made her way to the front and without even asking him she grabbed his hand and walked him over to his bed and gently pushed him on his bed. With a big grin she said. "Don't get any ideas," she teased.

"I am here to help you unwind before you ditch me for Rolvek." She suggested playfully. As she hopped up on his bed, and motioned for john to lay down on his stomach. "Relax, its just a massage, to relax your body." She said as she started on his shoulders and worked her way down his back. Having her arms under his tight shirt was annoying but she was not trying to arousal him to much.

John was not going to do what he was told. He turned over to face Jazz. “I can’t quite put my finger on it,” he began, “but I get the feeling sometchings troubling you.” He had seen right through her. It wasn’t anything she had said, but her manner and the slight flecks in her voice as she spoke, that told John she had something in her mind.

"For starters you interrupted my massage." She said as she decided lay next to him. Staring at him in the face, making sure to keep eye contact. "Second, I don't have a second reason, I came hear to be with you I wanted to spend time with you." She said being a little defensive. Her answer was not a lie, but she did not want to add to his stress about being jealous of a woman who died, and a woman he cared about.

“No,” said John joining Jazz’s eye contact sternly, “there is something more. Something has been off since the moment you stepped through my door. If you tell me to drop it, I will. But it won’t stop me worrying about you. I care about you, and that means I care about what ever it is that is troubling you right now.”

"John," she called out a little surprised by his sudden change in voice and posture. "I'm only worried about you, I wanted to go on a date, but I stop by and your listening to sad and depressing songs, can't help but assume over her and to top it off, your meeting up with Rolvek. Of course I am concerned. Wouldn't you be?" She asked, waiting to see how he was going to react.

John took a deep breathe to get a hold of himself before responding. “To start I didn’t choose the track, I asked the computer to play something by Meatloaf at random. I would be lying if I said I never thought about Harkeia. I guess I will always love her. But that didn’t mean I don’t have room in my heart enough for you.” He was managing to hold himself together, which surprised even himself. “I meet with Rolvek to keep check on my emotions, I lost more than just her that day.”

"I'm trying to be supportive for you, and keep Simon off my back, honestly that's all." She said, as she accidently let that slip about Simon. He had enough on his plate. She did not want him to be jealous.

“Who’s Simon?” John enquired with ease. “Should I be worried?”

"He is my problem, I believe its handled. He is a member of my team, that always wants to have dinner together, or be my friend. But he is not interested in being my friend, he wants more. I told him today about you, its why I came over, to get away from him and to be close to you. He has been dealt with." She said, hoping Simon would move on from today's little episode.

With a roll of his eyes John gave a sigh. “I don’t beleive in things either being your problem, or my problem. We only have shared problems.” He was getting frustrated. Did she still not understand how he truly felt about her. “I don’t want you to feel like you need to hide anything from me. I love you.” He heard himself say the words. Was it too soon? Was she going to freak? All he could tell for sure was that they were true, as he leant toward Jazz and kissed her on the forehead.

Jazzy was taken by surprise at those three little words. I love you, three words that can make a relationship or break one before it starts. They were still laying in the bed, she felt his lips kiss her forward, she closed her eyes, wishing he would have kissed her on the lips.

She took a couple of deep breaths, and was thinking to herself, breathe Jazzy, breath. This is a good thing. She kept telling herself, she kept her eyes close, as his lips were still on her forward, in a way he was also holding her while laying down next to her. She reached for his face, but was not sure what she grabbed.

It was his shoulders as she opened her eyes. She pulled him in closer, and hugged him deeply and passionately. She did not kiss him, she did not say a word. Part of her was trembling. She was trembling because this was so soon, she was not expecting this. She was also stalling trying to figure out how she felt, what she wanted to say in response.

"John, I can not and will not make these our problems, unless I have a commitment from you." She said, wanting to clarify his earlier concern and also stalling to respond to the love comment. "I want to be your girlfriend, if you want them to be our problems, we need to make it more official." She stated, putting herself out on the line. He could crush her at this very moment. By rejecting her request.

John leant back so he could take in the whole of Jazz’s face, offering her a bemused glance. “I’m so confused as to what we have been doing so far...” he said with a smile. “You have had my commitment since Paris.”

He tried to make light of the conversation, but in truth he was worrying. Why hadn’t she said those three words back to him? Did she not feel the same way about him? And why hadn’t she realised they were in a committed relationship by now?

She teared up a little with comment, You have had my commitment since Paris. She had a big grin on her face as she looked John in the eyes. "I never take things for granted John, I was hoping you wanted a committed relationship. It feels nice to have a boyfriend." She said as she dragged him closer to her body. If she continued to look at him, she was going to lock lips with him.

And he needed to be focused on controlling his emotions. "Since we are being honest, I wondered if I was your rebound girl from Harkeia. I know you loved her. It never dawned on me, that you would love me so soon, after loosing her." She said, holding him closely.

“You were,” John chirped, probably more openly than he ought. “At least until we shared the car ride on the holodeck. That’s when I realised I had to let go of her, because I was falling for you. Your not just a new focus. I crave you, when we are apart all I want is to be with you again. When your with me, I never want you to go.” His eyes were starting to well. These though were tears filled with his love for Jazz. For the first time in months, he was able to talk about Harkeia without losing control. Maybe it was the meditation. But he preferred to believe it was in fact his love for the woman laying beside him now.

She pulled away a little to see his face. She saw the tears in his eyes. Her defenses melted in a moment. She softly whispered. "John, I love you too." She said, waiting to see his reaction. She knew she loved him. But it was a little soon to say anything, or so she thought. She was very happy he said it first. The pressure the burden was now lifted.

John was completely over come. He couldn’t help but smile. The smile only last a moment though as he found himself leaning in meeting Jazz’s lips with his own.


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